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Whether you are interested in weight loss, other health issues, managing stress, improving sports performance or just curious about hypnosis, my goal is to provide you with the latest information. On this site you’ll learn about hypnosis and the mind-body connection. In particular, I’ll focus on how hypnosis can support health and wellness. For over […]

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Whatever your weight loss and weight management goals may be, you’ll find abundant help here at Hypnosis Health Info. Helping people permanently release weight has been a specialty of mine for years. To see an index of articles about weight loss, as well as other resources, click here.. Or perhaps you’d prefer to read some […]

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The range of health issues which can be helped by hypnosis is immense. On this site you’ll find information about many different conditions which benefit from this approach. To see an index of all our articles on health topics, as well as links to other resources, please click here. Or, if you’d prefer, click below […]

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What really separates this diet book from the rest is the addition of self-hypnosis techniques, which are absolutely safe and easy to learn. Find out why becoming a flexitarian might be right for you. Learn all about Roger Moore’s revolutionary weight loss and management book here.

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This is a great place to begin learning about hypnosis and the amazing, easy-to-learn technique of self-hypnosis. For starters, hypnosis is relaxing and simply a heightened state of concentration. On this page I will demystify hypnosis and separate fact from fiction. No swinging watches needed!

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This is the place to browse a wide array of helpful hypnosis tools, including Roger Moore’s book and self-hypnosis CDs. You’ll also find products to help you stop smoking, improve your golf score, get better grades in school, and so much more. Unleash the power of hypnosis in all areas of your life.

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  • Confident, Empowered & Joyful Hypnosis MP3 download

    Confident, Empowered & Joyful Hypnosis MP3 download

    Confident, Empowered & Joyful is one of my performance hypnosis MP3 downloads available in the Hypnosis Health Info Store. If you want to enhance your performance skills in sports, academics, stage, music, career, relationships and other life pursuits, this hypnosis MP3 download is for you. Reach your full potential with hypnosis. You handle any difficulties […]

  • Beat the obesity odds with hypnosis for weight loss

    Beat the obesity odds with hypnosis for weight loss

    A new study published in the American Journal of Public Health suggests that less than 1% of obese people will ever achieve a “normal” weight. That for me is really sad. Since 1997 I have witnessed how hypnosis for weight loss with Slender For Life™ can increase the probability that you will reach and maintain […]

  • Food cravings - what's the cause?

    Food cravings – what’s the cause?

    Have you ever wondered about the cause of your food cravings? According to Rosane Oliveira at the UC Davis Integrative Medicine Program, cravings are simply signals that you want something. If you’re tired, you ‘crave’ sleep. When you’re thirsty, you ‘crave’ liquids. But cravings don’t differentiate between healthy and natural ones or self-destructive ones. For […]

  • Peak Performance Hypnosis ~ with Richard Nongard & Roger Moore

    Peak Performance Hypnosis ~ with Richard Nongard & Roger Moore

    This Peak Performance Hypnosis live webinar with Richard Nongard & Roger Moore is only $7.00. That’s right! Only $7.00! Normally, we would have charged $39.00 or more for this event. But wait, there’s more. Not only do you get time with Richard and Roger, you will receive 3 performance scripts valued at $12.97 each. This […]

  • Are you discouraged with your weight loss?

    Are you discouraged with your weight loss?

    Are you discouraged with your weight loss? Well, sometimes, you really do need to take a step backward. It can be discouraging for the scale to be stuck or even creep up a pound or two. But, I view that as a new opening for learning. When we revisit old issues, it is an opportunity […]

  • Sports and Academic Performance with Richard Nongard & Roger Moore

    Sports and Academic Performance with Richard Nongard & Roger Moore

    Learn sports and academic performance skills from Richard Nongard and Roger Moore at the 2015 Seattle Hypnosis Conference. You can learn performance hypnosis to create maximum success in both your hypnosis practice and with the clients you work with. The 2015 Seattle Hypnosis Conference is a worldwide event, join us in Seattle or join us […]

  • Vegan Worcestershire Sauce

    Vegan Worcestershire Sauce

    I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the hunt for a good sauce to put on my bean burger, portobello mushroom, or even a lettuce and tomato sandwich so I was excited to find this Vegan Worcestershire Sauce recipe at Forks Over Knives. I love my food to be spicy with flavor but […]

  • Living a Nutritarian Life

    Living a Nutritarian Life

    Dr. Joel Fuhrman has an excellent page on his website about living a nutritarian life. He writes, “To be healthy, you must eat healthfully. However, for most of us, there is an internal conflict—part of us wants to be healthy, but another part seeks pleasure without regard for the consequences. Fear of change and of […]

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