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Whether you are interested in weight loss, other health issues, managing stress, improving sports performance or just curious about hypnosis, my goal is to provide you with the latest information. On this site you’ll learn about hypnosis and the mind-body connection. In particular, I’ll focus on how hypnosis can support health and wellness. For over [...]

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Whatever your weight loss and weight management goals may be, you’ll find abundant help here at Hypnosis Health Info. Helping people permanently release weight has been a specialty of mine for years. To see an index of articles about weight loss, as well as other resources, click here.. Or perhaps you’d prefer to read some [...]

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The range of health issues which can be helped by hypnosis is immense. On this site you’ll find information about many different conditions which benefit from this approach. To see an index of all our articles on health topics, as well as links to other resources, please click here. Or, if you’d prefer, click below [...]

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What really separates this diet book from the rest is the addition of self-hypnosis techniques, which are absolutely safe and easy to learn. Find out why becoming a flexitarian might be right for you. Learn all about Roger Moore’s revolutionary weight loss and management book here.

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This is a great place to begin learning about hypnosis and the amazing, easy-to-learn technique of self-hypnosis. For starters, hypnosis is relaxing and simply a heightened state of concentration. On this page I will demystify hypnosis and separate fact from fiction. No swinging watches needed!

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This is the place to browse a wide array of helpful hypnosis tools, including Roger Moore’s book and self-hypnosis CDs. You’ll also find products to help you stop smoking, improve your golf score, get better grades in school, and so much more. Unleash the power of hypnosis in all areas of your life.

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  • Advanced Strategies in Clinical Contextual Hypnosis Master Class

    Advanced Strategies in Clinical Contextual Hypnosis Master Class

    Advanced Strategies in Clinical Contextual Hypnosis Master Class with Richard Nongard and Roger Moore is in Seattle, October 10 & 11, 2014. Take your practice to the next level by attending one of three ways: Live in Seattle, Live Simulcast Worldwide, or Watch the full video archive online. Approved CEU hours for the ICBCH, IMDHA, [...]

  • Acne epidemic caused by dairy

    Acne epidemic caused by dairy

    Dairy is considered a major cause of the acne epidemic and other more serious chronic diseases in the Western world due to the “abuse” of the mammalian postnatal signaling system by widespread cow milk consumption. In my Seattle hypnosis, Bainbridge hypnosis, Forks hypnosis and now online, I have coached people about the harmful effects of [...]

  • You Must Exercise! ~ Jay Gordon MD

    You Must Exercise! ~ Jay Gordon MD

    You may already know that I have become a big believer that you must exercise for your health and well being so I was particularly interested in this video from Dr. Jay Gordon. One of the important benefits of any cardio activity is that is the best anti-depressant and best anti-stress method known. Exercise can [...]

  • Do you know how to get to Phoenix?

    Do you know how to get to Phoenix?

    You may be wondering, what does Do you know how to get to Phoenix? have to do with weight loss. Since 1997 I have been coaching people with hypnosis for weight loss and I have learned the importance of having a clear goal and the need to be focused on that goal. With weight loss [...]

  • Full Bladder Power Minute

    Full Bladder Power Minute

    Full Bladder Power Minute is this weeks featured product in the Hypnosis Health Info Store. I created this Power Minute to help kids to stop wetting the bed. I recommend that the child listen nightly after crawling into bed as they fall to sleep. A Power Minute is simply a short recorded suggestion that you [...]

  • Apple & Sweet Potato Casserole

    Apple & Sweet Potato Casserole

    Apple & Sweet Potato Casserole is this weeks featured Slender For Life™ Recipe. I first enjoyed this dish at a potluck dinner in Forks, Washington, with Slender For Life™ hypnosis weight loss clients. I’m not a fan of fake meats, but the rich taste of sweet potatoes combined with the sweetness of baking apples had [...]

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