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Whether you are interested in weight loss, other health issues, managing stress, improving sports performance or just curious about hypnosis, my goal is to provide you with the latest information. On this site you’ll learn about hypnosis and the mind-body connection. In particular, I’ll focus on how hypnosis can support health and wellness. For over […]

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Whatever your weight loss and weight management goals may be, you’ll find abundant help here at Hypnosis Health Info. Helping people permanently release weight has been a specialty of mine for years. To see an index of articles about weight loss, as well as other resources, click here.. Or perhaps you’d prefer to read some […]

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The range of health issues which can be helped by hypnosis is immense. On this site you’ll find information about many different conditions which benefit from this approach. To see an index of all our articles on health topics, as well as links to other resources, please click here. Or, if you’d prefer, click below […]

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What really separates this diet book from the rest is the addition of self-hypnosis techniques, which are absolutely safe and easy to learn. Find out why becoming a flexitarian might be right for you. Learn all about Roger Moore’s revolutionary weight loss and management book here.

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This is a great place to begin learning about hypnosis and the amazing, easy-to-learn technique of self-hypnosis. For starters, hypnosis is relaxing and simply a heightened state of concentration. On this page I will demystify hypnosis and separate fact from fiction. No swinging watches needed!

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This is the place to browse a wide array of helpful hypnosis tools, including Roger Moore’s book and self-hypnosis CDs. You’ll also find products to help you stop smoking, improve your golf score, get better grades in school, and so much more. Unleash the power of hypnosis in all areas of your life.

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  • Plant-Powered Athletes

    Plant-Powered Athletes

    As sports nutrition becomes more scientific, many sports participants are becoming plant-powered athletes. I was thrilled to have a conversation recently with a personal trainer at a local gym who told me he would be glad when the day came that people stopped asking about protein. World champion athletes get all the protein they need […]

  • Holiday weight loss success

    Holiday weight loss success

    YES – Holiday weight loss success is possible! And, with Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss with Roger Moore, it’s easily doable. Traditional mindset for many American’s is that they are just going to gain weight during the holidays. It’s as if putting on the holiday pounds is inevitable and out of your control. That […]

  • Oh so sweet potatoes

    Oh so sweet potatoes

    Oh so sweet potatoes is this weeks holiday edition to the Slender For Life™ Recipe Library. I don’t know about you, but the sweet potatoes that I grew up with were anything but healthy – filled with fat and sugar. Brown sugar, marshmallows, butter, sour cream and sometimes cheese. The sweet potatoes were so hidden […]

  • Hypnosis effective for pain control

    Hypnosis effective for pain control

    Hypnosis, also known as mindfulness meditation, is effective for pain control. In fact, a new study shows that hypnosis or mindfulness meditation reduces pain more effectively than placebo. As you may know, I consider hypnosis and mindfulness meditation to be two sides of the same coin. Based on current research, as little as four 20-minute […]

  • Girls are reaching puberty earlier than ever

    Girls are reaching puberty earlier than ever

    Have you noticed that girls are reaching puberty earlier than ever? I was intrigued when I saw this article by Joel Fuhrman, M.D., and saddened when I read it. 16% of girls enter puberty by the age of 7, and about 30% by the age of 8. That to me is inexcusable, unforgivable and outrageous. […]

  • Moderation diet leads to poor metabolic health

    Moderation diet leads to poor metabolic health

    “Americans with the healthiest diets actually eat a relatively small range of healthy foods,” said Dariush Mozaffarian, M.D., Dr.P.H., senior author and dean of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University in Boston. “These results suggest that in modern diets, eating ‘everything in moderation’ is actually worse than eating a smaller […]

  • I got hypnotized to ride my bike better and it actually worked!

    I got hypnotized to ride my bike better and it actually worked!

    I sure did. I got hypnotized to ride my bike better and it actually worked! Sports performance hypnosis really does work. I use it every time I ride my bike, go to my spin and yoga classes and when I lift weights. Why does hypnosis for sports work so well for me? Because I believe […]

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