Lichen Planopilaris Hypnosis MP3 Downloads

These Lichen Planopilaris Hypnosis MP3 Downloads can help you to slow or even reverse the symptoms of this autoimmune disease. Lichen planopilaris is a rare inflammatory condition that results in patchy progressive permanent hair loss mainly on the scalp.

These hypnosis MP3 downloads are specifically created for Lichen Planopilaris and are to be used in support of your medical health care.

These Lichen Planopilaris MP3 downloads have been crafted to help you to relax, boost your immune system and enhance the ability of your body to heal and be healthy.

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“Hypnosis is a tool with many useful dermatologic applications. It involves guiding the patient into a trance state for a specific purpose such as relaxation, pain or pruritus reduction, or habit modification.”
Read Applying Hypnosis in Dermatology 

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My immune system cells patrol through my body in a loving and protective way.

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