Studies are showing that hypnosis is a powerful and effective tool in dealing with the physical symptoms of cancer as well as decreasing need for anesthesia during surgery, alleviating pain, nausea, fatigue and emotional distress. Hypnosis is also used to modify the course of the disease process itself through the use of imagery. Studies show that during surgery, that hypnotized women required 22% less analgesia and 34% less sedation. After surgery, they reported 53% less pain intensity, 46% less fatigue, 47% less discomfort, and 74% less emotional upset. They also spent 11 fewer minutes in surgery, resulting in a cost savings of almost $800.00 per patient. ~Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

“Four months after I was married, at age 58, I went for a routine mammogram as part of my annual checkup. When they told me they saw cancer in my breast, my mind went numb, and then I actually saw it on an ultrasound, a huge, spikey growth like a horrible sea monster, lurking in the bottom of my innocent breast. They measured it as 2.2 centimeters, which size qualified it as Stage II.

As I went through the motions, learning about my options, I was told that if it was not in the lymph nodes and not in the surrounding tissue, not only would that be great news but I would probably be able to avoid chemotherapy, as surgery and radiation would be sufficient.

Prior to that point, I had been seeing Roger Moore, hypnotherapist, who had helped me lose a significant amount of weight. I went back to him, told him of my situation, and he asked what I wanted to achieve through hypnosis. I told him I wanted the cancer to be contained completely in the tumor, and not to have spread to the lymph nodes or the surrounding tissue. And, since there was something sort of evil looking about the spiky tumor, I told him if possible I wanted it to be smooth and curled into itself. We then proceeded with hypnosis.

After surgery, my doctor reported that the cancer was not in the lymph nodes and not in the surrounding tissue. As a bonus, it had changed shape and was rounded, then measuring 1.8 centimeters, qualifying as Stage I. She had no explanation for the change in the size and shape of the tumor.” ~H. Greenstreet


Cancer Hypnosis Tools

Hypnosis MP3 Downloads for Cancer

Put your subconscious mind to work and re-program your immune system for your health and wellness. Each of the following MP3 downloads will give you specifically targeted suggestions designed to boost the functioning and efficiency of your immune system.

Enhancing Your Immune System

Send a message down through your central nervous system to release these powerful cells to any place in your body that is in need. These cells are helpers, protectors and healers. They are your friends. Length: 27:28
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Symphony for Cancer

Studies have shown that the use of various sorts of imagery and relaxation exercises can indeed improve the function of specific parts of the immune system. Conduct your own healing symphony with Symphony for Cancer and put your virtuoso to work for your wellness. Length: 27:52
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Getting Help for Nausea and Vomiting: American Cancer Society supports hypnosis for nausea and vomiting.

How Hypnosis is Clinically Utilized: Medical hypnosis is a science increasingly recognized for its therapeutic applications.

Hypnotherapy In Medicine: “HYPNOTHERAPY THAILAND” website of John Krukowski: this article is based on a presentation to physicians in Thailand sponsored by the Ministry of Public Health Medical Science Department on July 24, 2006.

Hypnosis Intervention for Treatment of Hot Flashes Among Breast Cancer Survivors: Hypnosis appears to reduce perceived hot flashes in breast cancer survivors and may have additional benefits such as reduced anxiety and depression, and improved sleep.

Hypnosis intervention on positive and negative affect during breast cancer radiotherapy: The present study examined the effectiveness of a multimodal psychotherapeutic approach, combining cognitive-behavioral therapy and hypnosis (CBTH), to reduce negative affect and increase positive affect in 40 women undergoing breast cancer radiotherapy.

Mediators of a brief hypnosis intervention to control side effects in breast surgery patients: Hypnosis is widely recognized as an empirically supported intervention to improve postsurgical outcomes.

Outcomes of guided imagery in patients receiving radiation therapy for breast cancer: Overall, 86% of participants described the guided imagery sessions as helpful, and 100% said they would recommend the intervention to others.

Top High Lignan Foods that Lower Breast Cancer Risk: Postmenopausal women who consume diets rich in a plant chemicals called lignans have a lower risk of breast cancer.

Other Tools:

No More Pain. If you are looking for a comprehensive pain management CD set, then this is for you. Roger Moore, PhD has used it for himself (as well as with many clients) for his own aches and pains. It works!
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Fight Cancer: You can program your body to fight Cancer and its growth with this focused visualization CD. Your mental states can affect your health. Use the CD to fight back. Contains Cellular Release Therapy. You can fight cancer and WIN!
Dr. McDougall Disputes Major Medical Treatments: This is a great DVD that has been popular with Roger Moore’s clients. He shows it in groups and clients frequently purchase copies to take home and show to family members.

Here are some downloads for your recovery.
Reduce Cancer Pain with Hypnosis
Chemotherapy Nausea
Cancer Test Calm
Cancer Easier Needles
Cancer Stay Positive
Cure Needle Phobia

“When I first started to study and learn about Hypnotherapy, little did I know the effect it was going to have on my life…actually, saving my life. In 2007 I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. Hypnotherapy, along with the love and support of friends, was a big part of my healing. After the diagnosis, I had intensive surgery, which entailed having a full hysterectomy, part of my diaphragm removed and some lymph nodes. Hypnotherapy was a guiding force in helping me find the strength when I could not move from A to B. When I felt stronger after the surgery, I had to start an intensive course of Chemotherapy. When I first started it my body had a severe allergic reaction to it. My first instinct was to discontinue the course of Chemo and look for other alternatives. But, yet again, daily hypnotherapy and my love support system helped me embrace chemotherapy as another ‘friend’ who was going to help me fight and rid my body from cancer, instead of a nasty drug that was going to make me sick and weak. To cut a long story short, Hypnotherapy helped me reclaim my body and my life when cancer tried to take it away from me. In other words, I am cancer-free, feeling extraordinary and still continue to use hypnotherapy on a daily basis in other areas of my life.” ~ Olivia Carey