Chronic pain is debilitating and depressing. Not only does it affect you physically, it affects you mentally and emotionally as well. Free yourself from aggravation of chronic pain. Learn to forget and move through pain and live your life. Hypnotherapy can be one of the most effective tools for managing and overcoming chronic pain. Stanford University, Mayo Clinic and others have long been documenting the effectiveness of hypnotic pain control.

Pain Management Tools

Changing Pains:

When we encounter the opportunity to assist in the reduction, or elimination of discomfort on any level it is essential to keep in mind the basic understanding that these symptoms have purpose.

Child Birth:

Antenatal hypnosis is associated with a reduced need for pharmacological interventions during childbirth.

Easing Pain:

Several studies have proven that different hypnotic suggestions can reach all of the brain areas involved in pain processing, an ability that is a boon for treating such a complex problem. Hypnosis is one of the most promising things we can offer to retrain the brain’s pain response.

Effects of Self-Hypnosis Training and Emg Biofeedback Relaxation Training on Chronic Pain in Persons with Spinal-Cord Injury:

There is growing evidence that hypnosis treatment can reduce pain intensity.

Hypnotherapy for the Management of Chronic Pain:

Interest in hypnosis for pain management has increased with recent evidence that hypnosis can reduce pain (and costs) associated with medical procedures, and there are now an adequate number of controlled studies of hypnosis to draw meaningful conclusions from the literature regarding chronic pain.

Pain Relief Is Only A Breath Away:

Is there help for those suffering with chronic pain?

Pain Relief and Management for Chronic Conditions:

Almost any person can be trained through hypnosis for pain management, to relieve anxiety, regain muscle control and to respond positively to treatment of any kind.

Solutions For Chronic Pain:

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Other Tools:
ChiQ: For wellness, relaxation and learning performance
No More Pain: This is a 4 CD set. CD number 1 contains an introduction to hypnosis, an introduction to using hypnosis for pain relief and instructions on how to use this program. CDs 2-4 contain three sessions for maximum chronic pain relief. These sessions are designed to alleviate mild to moderate chronic pain of all types including arthritis, back pain and cancer pain. They also relieve the stress, anxiety, fear and depression that accompany chronic pain. These are the same techniques I use with private clients who have been referred by pain clinics. Used by the developer to relieve her own arthritis pain. Eliminate your pain and return to more normal functioning without drug side effects!
Pain Management: You will learn to manage your pain much more successfully. In a state of deep relaxation the natural healing aspects of your body are enhanced through working with your Inner Healer. This CD teaches you how to manage your pain better.
Changing Pain: This book is a giant leap forward for your patients. Written by a person who lives with chronic pain, readers recognize themselves in these few pages and respond. The techniques and simple examples described, foster an immediate perception of relief. Returning a sense of control in life allows patients to feel better faster and return to a sense of normalcy in their daily life.

Some hypnosis downloads for pain relief:
Pain Management
Pain Relief
Knee Pain Relief
Hip Pain Relief
Phantom Limb Pain Relief

“I was afraid I was going to have to have surgery, my knee hurt so much. I mentioned my pain to Roger Moore, and he said to call and schedule an appointment. I did, and after the very first session I had real relief. He taught me self-hypnosis, and any time one of my body parts hurt, I use my self-hypnosis and the ache goes away. I now walk three miles each day, and I am not afraid to go up and down the steps.” ~ Janet


Learn Hypnosis Pain Control
Dynamic Hypnosis For Pain Control with Michael Ellner and Scott Sandland