Hypnosis For Cycling

Whether you are a weekend warrior, or professional athlete, hypnosis can make the difference for you. The power of positive self-talk in known to athletes world-wide. Use hypnosis to:

  • Improve your strength and endurance
  • Imagine the perfect golf or tennis swing
  • Imaging crossing the finish line in record time for you
  • Imagine more power in your swim stroke
  • Imagine being calm under pressure

The use of hypnosis in sports has been around for hundreds of years. In the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, the Russian Olympic team took no less than 11 hypnotists to develop mental clarity and help the athletes with visualization.

Are you training for a marathon or a century ride? Are you wanting to sculpt the muscles in your body? Are you a gymnast or dancer? Do you simply want to make the most of your workout at the gym? Then get the winning edge that hypnosis can give to you!

Sports Hypnosis Tools


Golf Practice in the Unconscious Mind Pt 1
Golf Practice in the Unconscious Mind Pt 2
Hypnosis For Golf
Hypnosis In Sports Durbin

“I have been impressed with the size and quality of the material I have received as part of this programme. The most valuable concept has been the methodology of self improvement, with most of my difficulties stemming from a feeling initially that everybody judges your golf when playing in a group with you, where now I accept that I am playing to improve my own game, just getting my head right I guess. I had a fluctuating set of scores before this programme and i now find that I am much more consistent in my play.” ~ David Woodings, Invercargill, Southland, New Zealand

Golf-hypnosisOther Tools

Break 80 Without Practice

While Roger Moore is not a golfer, (not even close) he does whole heartedly endorse Craig Sigl’s Break 80 Golf. Craig Sigl is a Slender For Life™ licensee in Bellevue, Washington, who is trusted and respected by Roger Moore.

Roger Moore has recommended Break 80 Golf to his clients who are golfers and wholeheartedly endorses it for you.

Break 80 Golf is the ideal solution for every golfer who has ever had it inside themself to break through their scoring barrier but doesn’t have the time to hit a thousand golf balls a week.

You are your greatest opponent!
Stop all that paralysis by analysis now!
Change your belief about your game and watch scores drop.
What’s REALLY Behind Your Behavior?
Gary Player on adapting Emotional Awareness and Control are Keys to Consistency and Optimal Performance
Playing Cool Mad
You are you’re greatest opponent
Beginners must learn the fundamentals with this illustrated golf instruction lesson
Adding fuel to the swing plane controversy
Arnold Palmer discusses fundamental golf swing tips
To move the head or not…that is the question
Interview with Nick Bayley: Creator of The “Draw” System
Golf Swing Trainer, A Most Harmful Golf Theory
Loss of Distance
Why, oh why, is the golf swing SO hard?!
Sports-hypnosisMartial arts golf swing! Swing tip: For Power and Distance
Why, oh why, is the golf swing SO hard?!
If you’ve hit your golf driver perfectly just once…
You can do it every time!
Golf Tees and Driving Without a License
Gary Player’s Driving Secrets
Golf Wedge Instruction
There’s No Better Golf Sand Instruction then this
The chip, essence of the iron shot
Golf pitch shot: Just do these 3 things
Golf putting improvement training
Beginner golf swing instruction
The Proper Golf Grip must be mastered
Everything a lefty golfer needs to succeed in a right-handed world
Sample Break 80 Without Practice audio files
24 keys for Senior Golfers to Drop Strokes
Golf training aids aren’t effective if…
Handicapped golfer Ed Furgol cashes his winning U.S. Open tickets
Tiger Woods Quick Facts and Links Page
Golf Clubs Get a great price on the hottest new drivers, putters, and club sets from one of the nation\’s largest retailers.

Hypnosis-For-RunningMore extraordinary products to enhance your sports performance:

ChiQ for wellness, relaxation and learning performance
Hypnosis For Running
Winning Bowling Self Hypnosis!!
Winning Pool Self Hypnosis!!
Winning Muscle Mass Self Hypnosis!!
I Love to Exercise Self Hypnosis!!
Running/Jogging/Marathon Self Hypnosis!!
Winning Tennis Self Hypnosis!!
Love to Exercise

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