What have we done to our kids?

childhood obesity is a family affair

we can conquer childhood obesity!

Here are some excellent articles:

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Black-Eyed Pea Burgers

Black-Eyed Pea Burgers WOW! It’s already Memorial Day Weekend. It’s time for those summer cookouts and this Black-Eyed Pea Burger is a perfect fit for your holiday weekend plans. Even if you are staying home and cooking inside you can bake them in your...

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Drink more water

Drink more water This week’s reading from chapter seven in my book Becoming Slender For Life is “Drink more water,” which is the fourth step in the Seven steps to permanent weight control. It was just this past April 12, that the Ask Roger  question...

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Simple Corn Soup

Simple Corn Soup I’m always on the hunt for quick and easy lunches and this corn soup from Dr. McDougall’s Health & Medical Center fits the bill. One minute to prepare and ten minutes to cook. I’m already imagining the spices that I’ll add...

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Exercise every day

Exercise The third step in the Seven steps to permanent weight control is Exercise. When I weighed 260 pounds I didn’t exercise –  I hated to sweat. For the past 20 years at 115 pounds lighter, I exercise almost everyday. I’ve often said that I...

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Easy Vegetable Fajitas

Vegetable Fajitas I love the spices and flavors of Mexican food. These Easy Vegetable Fajitas are really easy to make and they are really delicious. This is a recipe from the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine so you know that it is healthy, and only 257...

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Carbs help weight loss

Carbs help Yes, carbs help weight loss. The science to support low-carb diets was never there. Such nonsense has been disproven time and time again. For more than one hundred years, the evidence supporting a high-carb, whole food plant-based life style has been proven...

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