10 Brainy Facts About Your GutI’ve read 10 Brainy Facts About Your Gut (It’s Smarter Than You Think) several times and each time I learn something new. Did you know that fat increases feelings of happiness and carbohydrates release feeling good? The research on “gut feelings” will continue to develop and provide more details about how what we eat affects our mood. The more that we learn about the gut brain, the more we learn about the importance of a whole food plant based lifestyle. When you learn self hypnosis, you can have control of what you are eating and you can change your thoughts, your emotions and your behavior.

10 Brainy Facts About Your Gut (It’s Smarter Than You Think)

mental_floss, Jordan Rosenfeld: Gut feelings get all the press, but your gut may be more of a thinker than you knew. Scientists now think of it as your second brain. While it won’t necessarily help you study for an exam or get a promotion, your gut can influence the chemistry of your mood, emotions, immune system, and long-term health. Research even suggests the gut can “learn” new tricks through conditioning. These powerful connections are part an emerging field of science called neurogastroenterology designed to study the gut-brain link. Here are 10 facts you may not know about your smart gut.

1. The gut is the only organ system that can perform its functions without the oversight of the brain.
2. There are over 100 million brain cells in your gut.
3. The gut has its own nervous system.
4. The gut sends emotional signals to the brain—suggesting we “feel” with our guts first.
5. GI conditions can be seen as the “mental illness” of your gut.
6. A healthy gut may protect your bones.
7. New research shows links between Autism and fewer strains of gut bacteria.
8. Food affects your mood, and not just “comfort food.”
9. Your gut is your best friend in cold and flu season.
10. Your gut can become addicted to opiates, just like your brain.

Read 10 Brainy Facts About Your Gut
(It’s Smarter Than You Think)

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