Even I can use exercise motivation tips on these cold dark mornings. The bed is warm, the room is cold and it is dark out. It is so much easier in June and July to get out of bed at 4:30 when it’s already light out. But, as our days get shorter and darker hibernation becomes tempting. That’s where self-hypnosis comes in. As I snuggle under the covers I use the one minute Light Switch hypnosis technique with suggestions about getting up and having a great work out and soon I am on my way to the gym. Hypnotherapy really can make a huge difference in your life. Get up and get moving with hypnosis.

On September 8, 2010, Web MD had some great ideas to get you motivated to exercise.

10 Tips To Motivate You To Work Out

Exercise Motivation Tip No. 1: Be Realistic. One of the biggest reasons for failure is that first-time exercisers often set unrealistic goals.

Exercise Motivation Tip No. 2: Keep Track of Your Progress. Seeing incremental improvements, whether it’s in improved time, increased reps, or greater frequency of workouts, can boost your exercise motivation.

Exercise Motivation Tip No. 3: Don’t Expect Perfection. Expect that you’ll get sick from time to time, and be psychologically prepared to miss a few days of exercise when that happens. Don’t let it be an excuse for giving up.

Exercise Motivation Tip No. 4: Don’t Compare Yourself to Others. We’ve all seen them, those toned, fatless specimens who strut through the gym in their Barbie-sized shorts and sports bras.

Exercise Motivation Tip No. 5: Get Athletic Support. This isn’t about garments but about spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, buddies — anyone who will encourage you.

Exercise Motivation Tip No. 6: Find the Fun In It. If you’re not the gym type, walk around your neighborhood or try activities around the house, such as walking up and down stairs or dancing with the stars in your living room.

Exercise Motivation Tip No. 7: Break It Up. If you don’t feel like exercising for an hour on any given day, do three sessions of 20 minutes each, for example.

Exercise Motivation Tip No. 8: Make It Convenient. Do whatever you can to remove obstacles to exercise, and make it as convenient as possible.

Exercise Motivation Tip No. 9: Forget the Past. Don’t let previous bad experiences with exercise hinder you.

Exercise Motivation Tip No. 10: Reward Yourself. Think of rewards that will reinforce a mind-body connection so you can savor the rewards of your hard work.

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Do you struggle with getting motivated to exercise? Hypnosis really can make a difference. The Light Switch self-hypnosis technique can help get you up and get you moving. Don’t wait, put hypnotherapy to work for you.

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