I found this post on Science.Mic by Andrew Leung that lists 10 high protein foods that aren’t meat, poultry, fish or dairy. The 10 protein sources and their nutritional content are interesting, but unfortunately he makes it seem that there is a concern about consuming enough protein living a whole food plant-based lifestyle. If you are consuming your daily minimum of calories you are consuming enough protein. If you ate 100% of your daily minimum calories in potato chips, you would consume enough protein. (You’d have a host of other problems – but it wouldn’t be a lack of protein.) Today, protein is used as a marketing tool and not about promoting health. Just look at the new protein-packed Cheerios. Depending on the flavor it contains 16 or 17 grams of sugar. That’s not health food!

At Slender For Life™ weight loss hypnosis you discover that giving up the foods that make you sick and fat can be really easy. This week four people have told me that giving up the Standard American Diet (SAD) for whole grains, vegetables and fruit has been really easy for them thanks to hypnosis for weight loss. One of these individuals went on to say that Slender For Life™ has changed her life. She can’t ever remember feeling so good – and it’s only been three weeks.

Here Are 10 Unexpected High Protein Foods
That Aren’t Meat or Tofu

Science.Mic, By Andrew Leung March 17, 2016

  1. Almonds: A cup of almonds (250 grams) is packed with nearly 38 grams of protein.
  2. Chickpeas: A cup of cooked chickpeas (164 grams) has 14.5 grams of protein.
  3. Edamame: A cup of edamame (155 grams) has nearly 17 grams of protein.
  4. Walnuts: A cup of shelled walnuts (100 grams) has over 15 grams of protein.
  5. Green Peas: A cup of cooked green peas (160 grams) has nearly 9 grams of protein.
  6. Pistachios: A cup of roasted pistachios (123 grams) has over 26 grams of protein.
  7. Sunflower Seeds: A cup of toasted sunflower seeds (134 grams) has over 23 grams of protein.
  8. Pumpkin Seeds: A cup of roasted pumpkin seeds (64 grams) has nearly 12 grams of protein.
  9. Black Beans: A cup of cooked black beans (172 grams) has over 15 grams of protein.
  10. Quinoa: A cup of cooked quinoa (185 grams) has over 8 grams of protein.

Read Here Are 10 Unexpected High Protein Foods
That Aren’t Meat or Tofu

When you live a whole food plant-based lifestyle you easily consume all the complete proteins you need – even for extreme athletes. One of the many problems with the SAD is the excess of protein. Excess protein causes cancer, kidney diseases (including kidney stones), weight gain, osteoporosis and dehydration.

I grew up on a dairy farm and for most of my life, I lived on beef, pork, chicken, fish, milk, butter, ice cream and cheese. I ate large portions, partially in the guise of getting my protein. My problem wasn’t a lack of protein – it was excess. 20 years ago, I carried an extra 115 pounds of fat. Thanks to hypnosis for weight loss and a whole food plant-based lifestyle, I lost the weight and have kept it off for the past 19 years. I’ve never been healthier or more active. I feel the best I’ve ever felt in my life and I love it that I’m feeling better as I age.

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