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My book, Becoming Slender For Life has 10 Tips For Making Healthy Eating Easy.

Tip # 1. When you have a craving for an unhealthy food, first drink a glass of water, then wait 15 minutes before you give in. Try and occupy yourself with something away from the kitchen or wherever the food is that you’re hoping to avoid. Most often, a glass of water will add to a feeling of fullness, and in just that short amount of time, the craving often passes. (Or perhaps it just gives you more time to evaluate your choice and make a better one!) It’s not about remaining hungry—if you are truly hungry, eat something—just try and choose something healthier.
Tip # 2. Plan your meals in advance—don’t wait until there is nothing healthy in the house to eat. Look at your schedule for the week and plan your meals and snacks accordingly. Be realistic in your planning—how many meals will you really cook from scratch? Will you have the energy when you get home late from work? Having salad ingredients in your refrigerator does you no good if you don’t have the time or energy to prepare one.
Tip # 3. Keep it simple. Fixing complicated gourmet meals every night is challenging. You can make your food both interesting and simple.
Tip # 4. Cook in quantities so that you have leftovers. It’s okay to eat several meals of the same food. I love to have as many as 20 lunches in the freezer, so I can go several weeks with minimal preparation when I’m pressed for time.
Tip # 5. Keep your pantry and freezer full of healthy options. Life happens—you get a cold, the dog needs an emergency trip to the vet, the kids need picking up unexpectedly—and that planned shopping trip could turn into a nightmarish chore when you are already out of time and energy. Those are the days when the drive-through windows beckon with their quick fixes. But knowing you can put off the shopping trip because you have good food choices at home can ease your day considerably.
Tip # 6. Make it fun! Try different recipes, enroll friends to taste new ingredients with you and cook new things together. Visit farmer’s markets and ask lots of questions. Local growers often have great recipes to hand out and know the best ways to cook their produce.

Here are some recipe websites:


Tip # 7. Consider making your breakfast and/or lunch menu automatic. Once you find the combination of foods that you enjoy and that fuel you properly at breakfast and lunch, it often helps to make those meals the same every day—or perhaps every work day. That way you don’t have to stop and wonder what to eat, or what to shop for. You already know that if you have whole grain cereal and rice milk for breakfast, you’ll have all the energy you need to start your demanding day. And since it’s easy to always have those things on hand, you never find yourself needing to grab a pastry at the coffee stand on your way to work.
Tip # 8. Keep a list of restaurants of all types that you’ve found that can prepare food that’s good for you. When friends invite you to go out for a meal, consult your list and make suggestions you know will fit your healthy new lifestyle.
Tip # 9. Don’t get sabotaged at the movies and other fun events. Most of us have been conditioned to wolf down a tub of popcorn or oversized boxes of candy at movies, sporting events and so on. Hot dogs and beer at the ball game. Cotton candy and Coke at amusement parks. Salt water taffy at the beach. These associations are firmly entrenched in our psyches, so it will take extra effort to enjoy those experiences without the junk food. The solution is to bring your own delicious and nutritious snacks. It doesn’t take long to fix a bag of carrot sticks. Or how about some cold cereal to crunch on? Or for a real treat, make your own trail mix. The key is to not put yourself in situations where everyone around you is indulging in unhealthy food, and you have no other options. This is not about deprivation—it’s about preparation.
Tip # 10. Connect spiritually with the food you eat. Acknowledge the origins of your food and the people who labored to produce it. Imagine your grains growing in the field, your apples ripening in the orchard. Feel the life force still glowing in your food and visualize it spreading throughout your body as you eat. Express gratitude for the healthy meals you enjoy. Affirm that a safe source of food continues to be readily available to you. See the farmers prospering. See yourself full of vitality thanks to the wonderful food you have on your plate.

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