100 Billion nerve cells

You are blessed with about 100 billion nerve cells that are seamlessly wired together, which enables you to produce many different levels of mind.

You can make your brain work differently because you can direct your brain to fire in different sequences, different patterns, and in different combinations to produce many diverse states of mind.

Here is what I mean: The state of mind that you use to read this post is different than the state of mind you use to ride a bike or eat your breakfast.

Your brain works differently when you are reverting back to old thoughts, emotions and behaviors than it does when you are being the Greatest Expression of You.

You have a different state of mind when you are filled with fear than when you are jam-packed with joy.

All of this allows you to fire gangs of nerve cells to fire in unique ways.

You can change your state of mind

Make your brain work differently

The latest scientific research shows that you can make your brain work differently. The thinking used to be that by age 35 your brain was hardwired and there was no changing it. Now, we know better. You can rewire your brain at any age.

Why is this important to Becoming the Greatest Expression of You? People tell me that they aren’t able to relax and be mindful – that their brain is racing and their body is fidgety.

University of Wisconsin research has proven mindfulness is a skill much like golf and tennis.

Previously, in the post called Create Change by Thinking Differently (post # 19), I wrote about a 2007 study at Harvard Medical School. This Harvard study and other research shows that your brain does not know the difference between what is happening in your imagination and what is happening in the external world.

Not only can mental training change the physical structure of your brain, it can change your body. There is a mind-body connection. (Remember the lemon? What happens in your mouth when you start imagining biting into a lemon? Your body begins to react as if you really are eating a lemon.)

Influence your health

Your thoughts, emotions and actions influence your health. With 100 billion nerve cells there are literally limitless ways for you to fire and wire new neuropathways to change yourself.

You do not have to be stuck in old thoughts, emotions and behaviors that no longer serve you.

Using the Greatest Expression of You, you can fire and wire those gangs of nerve cells in new ways to change your state of mind and make physical changes to improve your health and wellness.

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I fire and wire gangs of nerve cells for my health and wellness.

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