High protein foods for runners

For runners going meat-free, Runners World ranked the 19 highest protein foods runners who are vegetarian and vegan.

This is good information, but for most of us, we don’t need to worry about getting enough protein. Sorry, I can’t resist, but I must ask, “Who do you know that has a protein deficiency?” For most of us, the answer is “No one.”

The reality is that most Americans suffer from excess protein. Did you know that if you eat your total daily calorie requirements in nothing but potato chips, you’d exceed your minimum daily requirement for protein? (I’m not recommending that you do that!)

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High protein foods for runners

“Maybe you’re considering giving up meat to lose weight, trying to lighten your carbon footprint or you’ve noticed a lot of record-setting endurance athletes are vegan. Whatever your reason, relying less on animal products can be a great first step in upping your intake of nutrient-rich whole foods. But how are you going to get enough protein? Don’t panic – we did the maths for you.”
Read 19 highest protein foods vegetarian and vegan runners can eat

Stephanie Eckelcamp

Runners World

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