A 20 oz bottle of soda contains 72 grams of sugar.

It should be no surprise that 2 or more sugary drinks a day are associated with belly fat and heart disease. Those sugary sodas and juices provide no health benefit and the short term pleasure only leads to long-term suffering. Adding insult to injury, these sugary drinks are addictive – even more addictive if they have artificial sweeteners like NutraSweet.  Are you ready to stop drinking liquid candy? If you are, Slender For Life™ offers you real solutions for life. Hypnosis for weight loss can help you end the cravings for fat, sugar and salty food. Learn how to hypnotize and take control of your weight and your health.

Sugary Drinks Linked to Heart Risks
in Women

WebMD Health News, November 14, 2011: Once again, sugar-sweetened beverages are on the firing line. New research shows that two or more sugary drinks a day may increase a woman’s waistline and risk of heart disease — even if she doesn’t gain weight.

In a study of more than 4,000 people aged 45 to 84, women who drank at least two sugar-sweetened beverages a day were nearly four times as likely to develop higher than normal levels of blood fats called triglycerides in their blood, compared with women who drank less than one a day.

They were also more likely to pack on belly fat. Belly fat has been linked to a number a health risks, including heart disease and diabetes.

And they were four times more likely to have abnormal blood glucose levels, indicating pre-diabetes. The risks were higher even in women of normal weight and women who didn’t gain weight.

One in two Americans drinks at least one sugary drink a day, according to the CDC. And one in 20 Americans drinks four or more a day.

Read Sugary Drinks Linked to Heart Risks in Women

A 20 oz bottle of soda contains 72 grams of sugar. It’s supposed to be 2 1/2 servings, an intake of 29 grams of sugar per serving, but most people drink the entire bottle! A sugar cube is 2 grams, so a 20 oz bottle contains 36 sugar cubes worth of sugar, as represented in this photo.

Learn how to use self hypnosis and change your cravings from sugary drinks to water. Put hypnosis for weight loss to work for you. Water is a gift. This Thanksgiving, be sure to express your gratitude for water.

Hey Guys – just because this study was about women, those sugary drinks will get you too.

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I am grateful for water.

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