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The 2015 Seattle Hypnosis Conference

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October 9-10, 2015

Each day 9:30am-5:00pm Pacific Time

Attend live in Seattle or Worldwide Online

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Friday October 9:

Build a Cash Generating Practice with
Academic Performance Hypnosis

Probably the largest untapped market for hypnotists are academic performance and test taking performance. Every city, large or small, has kids and teens who need to improve grades and adults who are moving into new opportunities but must pass the test first!

Do you want to build a profitable practice with cash paying clients?

To truly help clients and get referrals from professors, testing centers, employers and schools you will need to know the six-steps of successful academic performance hypnosis. These steps have been identified by Richard Nongard and Roger Moore through their work with hundreds of students and adult test takers for more than two decades. These six steps:

  • Identify definition of success
  • Mindfulness stress reduction
  • Increase study habits, memory and recall
  • Identify and overcome mental and emotional roadblocks
  • Create plan of action
  • Future pace success

This protocol moves students to a state of peak performance, using hypnosis to accelerate learning and motivate for success.


Saturday, October 10:

Using Hypnosis to Create Peak Performance

Are you an athlete? Neither am I. But, Sport Performance is an important component of my private practice. I’m Roger Moore, a professional hypnotist and weekend warrior participating in organized sporting activities and competing for fun. I’ve been using hypnosis to improve my own performance in marathons, bicycle events and I regularly work with a high school lacrosse team as the team hypnotist. I know how to help people achieve peak performance and I have worked with amateur and professional athletes to help them create success and I know how to help people to achieve peak performance.

The big mistake many hypnotists make is believing they must play the same sport as their clients to create success. And so most hypnotists, miss the opportunity to work with top level pros, college level teams and other lucrative clients related to sports performance.

Attend both days and become a peak performer yourself by enhancing your skills and confidence, build your practice and increase your income.

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LOCATION:  You can attend real-time from anywhere in the world in our online video center. You may also attend live in Seattle in the offices of Roger Moore. We will be in the 3rd floor conference center in the Medical Dental Building both days at 509 Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98101.

Everyone will have full access 24/7 to online and downloadable video from each day of the conference. So if you can’t make it, you will still have full access to both days!

QUESTIONS: Give me a call or send me an email.


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