SFL RecipesI was so excited when I came across these 33 plant based Thanksgiving recipes that are all made of real food (not Tofurkey). In looking them over, it looks to me like every single one of them can be made dairy free. Studies show that a whole food plant based lifestyle is the healthiest lifestyle and can help you to lose weight, keep it off and improve your health.

The holidays will soon be here. Halloween is only 15 days away. What is your goal for your weight between now and January 3? If your goal is to lose weight or maintain your current weight hypnosis for weight loss and a plant based lifestyle can help you do that.

33 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes
Made With Real Food (Not Tofurkey)

Vegetarians at a family Thanksgiving dinner are accustomed to getting the stink eye, the exasperated sigh, and the classic, “I think these mashed potatoes are meat-free…oh wait, I used chicken stock.” On a day that emphasizes indulgence to the point of a bellyache, those who choose to avoid meat are often the odd ones out. Instead of complaining, vegetarians just grin, bear it, and fill up on not-so-satisfying green bean casserole, dinner roles, and pumpkin pie.

Not so this year. Here are 33 of our favorite vegetarian main dishes that are far from boring, tasteless, or the dreaded (and oft-joked about) Tofurkey. A meat-free meal can be just as rich and scrumptious as any classic Thanksgiving dish. Plus, think of all the time you’ll save when prepping, brining, cooking, basting, and stuffing the turkey is out of the picture!

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Made With Real Food (Not Tofurkey)


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