Almost 400,000 cancers among Americans can be prevented – ANNUALLY! How? By eating healthy, becoming more active, being at a healthy body weight and by limiting alcohol consumption. At Seattle hypnosis I am all about coaching people to make healthy lifestyle changes. You too can use mindfulness self hypnosis to to help you prevent cancer or to facilitate your healing and recovery from cancer.

New Estimates: Americans Can Prevent Almost 400,000 Cancers Annually

AICR’s Cancer Research Update, August 22, 2012: New American Institute for Cancer Research estimates released this week show that close to 400,000 cases of cancers in the United States can be prevented each year by eating a healthy diet, undertaking regular physical activity, being at a healthy weight and limiting alcohol consumption.

The updates incorporate the most recent estimates of new cancer cases that will occur. That figure has increased from the 340,000 preventable cases of cancer cited three years ago as incidence has increased.

In the United States, approximately 386,000 cases – one third of the most common cancers – could be prevented, the research suggests. Add smoking cessation to the list of healthy lifestyle habits and more than half of the cancers occurring today are preventable.

Read New Estimates: Americans Can Prevent
Almost 400,000 Cancers Annually

There is strong evidence that an individual’s cancer risk can be significantly reduced by avoiding tobacco, exercising, practicing healthy dietary habits, and participating in cancer screening. The American Cancer Society estimates that this year alone, 173,200 cancer deaths in the United States will be caused by tobacco use, and that one-third of the 577,190 cancer deaths expected to occur in 2012 will be attributed to poor nutrition, physical inactivity, overweight, and obesity. Mindfulness hypnosis is a powerful and effective tool for promoting these healthy behaviors.

We must reform healthcare in the U.S. now. Healthcare reform begins with each of being responsible for our own health. Self hypnosis can support you with giving loving, nurturing care to your mind, body and spirit.

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Originally posted April 13, 2013