SFL RecipesI’m loving all these holiday recipes so finding 44 healthy, plant based Thanksgiving recipes was exciting. Last week it was 33 plant based Thanksgiving recipes made with real food. The Slender For Life™ Recipe Library continues to grow with healthy whole food plant based recipes for you, your family and your holiday guests. Your family and guests will thank you for offering healthy plant based choices.

44 Healthy, Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes
So Good You Won’t Miss the Turkey

There are worse things in life than not being able to eat the Thanksgiving turkey or take a bite out of Aunt Clarise’s famous pumpkin pie. But when the whole country is happily gathered around the holiday table, it can feel pretty isolating to be a person who can’t join in because of food restrictions (by choice or necessity).

Vegans — who choose to eschew all animal products and byproducts for environmental, health, and/or ethical reasons — are particularly hard-pressed to find viable fair amidst traditional Thanksgiving dishes. Luckily, this roundup of healthy, vegan Thanksgiving recipes is here to help. Pick and choose your favorites from the list below for a delectable holiday meal that will have even meat-eaters reaching for seconds. Bon appetite!

Read 44 Healthy, Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes
So Good You Won’t Miss the Turkey


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Planning healthy plant based holiday meals is a real joy.

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