5-Day-sample-meal-plan-Julieanna-HeverYou asked and here it is: Julieanna Hever’s  5 Day sample meal plan. Frequently people asked me for a meal planner. I’m not a big fan of giving people meal plans because it feels too much like diet mentality to me. But I also recognize that after a lifetime of meals that are centered around meat and dairy, it can be challenging at first to figure out how easy it is to live a plant based lifestyle.

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The Vegetarian Diet

The Vegiterranean Diet puts nutrition and health into global and historical context. In an informative and engaging way, the book is a mashup of all that is fabulous with the Mediterranean diet, debunking myths, and defining why and how the most perfect diet has developed over time. Front-loaded with history and science, then introducing ecological and psychosocial perspectives, the book leads up to ten basic principles, a Vegiterranean Food Pyramid and Plate, a comprehensive 21-day meal plan, and 66 delicious, nutritious Med-style recipes.

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