Becoming Slender For LifeSeattle Hypnosis for Weight Loss with Roger Moore clients are asked to write 52 reasons to lose weight. If you are like most Americans and are overweight, I encourage you to use a pad of sticky notes and write one reason per page to obtain and maintain your healthy ideal weight. Write 52 reasons – one for each week of 2016. Pick a day, and each week post one of the sticky notes on your bathroom mirror or somewhere so that it is in your face every day reminding you of why you want to eat healthy and be more active. My book, Becoming Slender For Life can help you to achieve your goal.

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52 Reasons

Here are some example Reasons:

* To feel better
* To look better
* To feel better about being hugged
* I want to start dating
* I want to look good in a swim suit
* I want to be alive to attend my grandchild’s wedding
* To climb Mt. Rainier
* To wear normal size clothes
* To lower my blood pressure
* To sit on the floor with my grandchildren and get back up
* To easily tie my shoes
* Because I want to
* To walk around Italy on my 80th birthday
* To live what I believe

I suggest that you just let your mind popcorn ideas and that you write as quickly as you can. You shouldn’t need too long to get 52 Reasons to be at your ideal healthy weight.

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I am eating whole plant based foods in 2016.

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