Mental health counselors, hypnotists, medical doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, personal trainers and any other healthcare professional, 65% of your clients are overweight. You may not work directly with your clients on weight loss, but if they are among the majority of Americans, they are dealing with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ramifications of obesity. This is a seminar focused on helping social workers, counselors, medical professionals and clinical hypnotherapists create lasting change in obese individuals and families.

Certification in Bariatric Counseling and Hypnotherapy with Richard Nongard & Roger Moore

Obesity complicates & causes emotional disorders, disease and family dysfunction. Help your clients end the cycle of obesity & addiction to food. Master hypnotic methods of intervention based in the science of healthy weight loss.

This course is designed to equip the professional with the educational and experiential tools to help individuals and families decrease obesity, minimize risk and increase emotional health. It will be grounded in the only formula proven to have consistent evidenced based results:

Increasing long-term nutrient dense food consumption while increasing daily activity results in outcomes consistent with weight loss, increased physical and mental health and decreased risk for disease.

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Obesity is directly related to mental health:

  • Obese clients experience greater disease and the social, family and financial complications of illness.
  • Obesity is directly linked to suicide risk.
  • Obese clients experience greater levels of major depression.
  • Obesity is rarely addressed as a mental health issue. In fact, the American Journal of Psychiatry stated: “Although most mental health practitioners commonly treat obese individuals, there exists no consensus on whether or how to address obesity in the patient’s overall treatment plan.”
  • Family systems play a huge role in childhood obesity

To accomplish this we will teach you interventions that:

  1. Help clients change food preferences
  2. Help clients increase motivation and knowledge of how to increase daily activity
  3. Alter life-long unhealthy subconscious learnings
  4. Assist client in developing realistic perceptions
  5. Assist client in developing situational supports
  6. Assist client in drawing from already existing strengths and resources

We will draw from many therapeutic modalities, often combining them. They will include, but are not limited to:

  1. Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology
  2. Mindfulness Based Eating Strategies
  3. Applied Clinical Hypnotherapy
  4. Addiction Intervention Models
  5. Personal Fitness Training
  6. Behavioral Psychology

Richard Nongard and Roger Moore are both family therapists and experienced experts in therapeutic weight management. Both have academic, vocational and personal experience in helping obese individuals and families. Roger is the author of Becoming Slender for Life and Richard is the creator of the SuccessFit® Program. Together they have almost half a century of experience in treating eating disorders, clinical hypnotherapy, counseling and helping clients lose weight and keep it off.

Register now for Certification in Bariatric Counseling and Hypnotherapy with Richard Nongard & Roger Moore

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