In today’s PARADE, there is an article by Michael O’Shea, that has 7 Steps To Weight Loss.

  1. BUY A SCALE: O’Shea cites a stduy by Brown University Mecical School that shows that daily weigh-ins are key. The National Weight Control Registry also says that people who have daily weigh-ins have the highest chance of maintaining their ideal weight. Daily weigh-ins give you feed back and prevent surprises like gaining ten pounds.
  2. CLEAN OUT YOUR CUPBOARDS: Get rid of all the left over
    Holiday goodies and Halloween candy. Get the ice cream out of the freezer. Michael O’Shea says divide large bags of snacks into single-portion baggies of buy prepackaged 100-calorie options.
  3. KEEP A JOURNAL: Write down your daily weight and what you eat. Estimate your total calories. The Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine (PCRM) recommends that you take your goal weight and multiply it by 10 to obtain your total calories for weight loss. (If your goal weight is 150#, that would be 1500 calories, 135# would be 1350 calories).
  4. TELL EVERYONE: Michael O’Shea says to tell your family your weight loss goals and get a buddy who will support you in losing weight. I tell my clients that there are probably only 2 or 3 people who will truly support you. With 65% of the
    U.S. population there will be people who will sabotage your best efforts – if you are successful and at a healthy weight and they aren’t, that may make them uncomfortable and you may hear comments like “Don’t get too skinny,” or “One more cookie won’t hurt you.”
  5. EAT SEVERAL SMALL MEALS A DAY: I too support an athletes way of eating. I recommend 6 small meals each day. The worst thing you can do is go long periods without eating.
  6. GIVE YOURSELF TREATS: I have slight different take on this. While I too do not believe in deprivation, I also know that you do have to change the behaviors that caused you to gain weight. I urge clients to focus on non-food treats.
  7. START AN EXERCISE PLAN: You have to get out and move. Our bodies were never created to sit in front of a TV, computer or ride in a car. If you don’t have time on a given day for your 30 minutes of exercise, then get in the 10 minutes you do have. Adam@home makes this point very well!

The step that Michael O’Shea didn’t include that I of course would is self-hypnosis. When you are eating too much food too fast, when you are chowing down on the junk food, you are in an unhealthy eating trance. With hypnosis, you take control of the trance that you are in. Using hypnotherapy you have the power to make healthy choices, eat slowly and consciously. Self-hypnosis takes the control away from food, family, work, life, events and circumstances and puts you in control – at choice.