8 habits to keep you calm, cool, and collectedI love The Neurobiology of Grace Under Pressure because it shares 8 habits to keep you calm, cool, and collected. Hypnosis clients have heard me talk about the importance of mental rehearsal to create lasting change. When was the last time that you had to perform gracefully in a high-pressure situation? How did you handle it? Did you choke or did you have grace under pressure? Learn hypnosis to effectively mentally rehearse grace under pressure.

The Neurobiology of Grace Under Pressure

8 habits that will stimulate your vagus nerve and give you grace under pressure.

1. Visualize the Vagus Nerve.
2. Practice, Practice, Practice.
3. Create Flow by balancing skill and challenge.
4. Reframe Priorites and Values.
5. Use neuroplasticity to re-wire habits of positive thinking.
6. Seek Daily Physicality.
7. Anxiety is contagious: Avoid anxious people.
8. Foster Loving & Kindness.

Read The Neurobiology of Grace Under Pressure

You can experience grace under pressure when you learn self hypnosis and develop these 8 habits to create a healthy heart. No matter where you may live, I can teach you the skills of mental rehearsal to reduce stress and enhance your health and wellness.

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I experience grace under pressure.

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