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Use your imagination for sports performance

Use your imagination At Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore you can learn to use your imagination for sports performance. Professional athlete? Weekend warrior? Or, do you just want to get off the couch and take your dog for a walk?  No matter what, you can learn to use your imagination to your benefit. Because your imagination is always at work, your success depends on learning how to control it. Before every bike ride, I visualize my route. I ride with strength, speed and endurance. I vividly see myself riding and returning home safely. Use your imagination for sports, academics,...

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Sports hypnosis ~ Replenish electrolytes naturally

Sports Drinks People often ask me about sports drinks. Athletes, weekend warriors and parents with kids playing sports are concerned about drinks like Gatorade and PowerAde. I’ve written posts for several years that show that Sports drinks don’t improve performance and about the Deaths and illnesses linked to energy drinks. There are so many healthy options to commercial sports drinks that are healthy, taste better, easy to make and certainly less expensive. If you or your family are drinking sports drinks, I urge you to do your research and then pour it down the drain. There are so many...

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Hypnosis for Sports Performance Anxiety

Sports hypnosis Since 1997, I’ve been teaching sports hypnosis guided imagery and mindfulness meditation to professional athletes, high school teams and weekend warriors. Hypnosis for sports has proven to be effective for mental preparation, energy and stamina and emotional control. Here is one example. Colonel George Hall  was a USAAF pilot who was shot down and captured during the Vietnam War. During his seven years in a POW camp, he imagined playing perfect games of golf, time after time after time. He’d mentally rehearsed success, in other words, which directly translated into physical success when he was able to...

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Hypnosis sports performance

People often ask me about hypnosis sports performance. Hypnosis has been used in sports for hundreds of years. In the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, the Russian Olympic team took no less than 11 hypnotists to develop mental clarity and help the athletes with visualization. Using hypnosis to enhance sports performance refers to the inner image that the athlete has of himself. The goal of mental imagery is to generate the athletic event so precisely that athletes feel as if they are really doing the sport. All senses are necessary in experiencing scenarios that would generate a positive outcome; images need...

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Can a placebo make you a faster runner? Sports hypnosis can

Can a placebo make you a faster runner? According to a study published PubMed in August 2015, a placebo may have improved performance by both reducing perception of effort and increasing potential motivation. If you exercise, you  know from experience that your mind and mental attitude affect your physical performance. I suspect that we all have had the experience of walking faster, running faster, riding out bike faster, lifting heavier weights or doing more in a cardio class when in a group than we would on our own. Knowing that you are taking a placebo may not give you...

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Visualization for sports and academics

School is starting and people of all ages are using visualization for sports and for academics. Athletes have been using the practice of visualization, guided imagery and hypnosis for decades to ease anxiety. In fact, the exercise is becoming more formalized and practiced by entire teams. Students have been using visualization, guided imagery and hypnosis probably for as long as students have had to memorize ancient alphabets and mathematical formulas. Since 1997, Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore has helped students of all ages learn hypnosis for sports performance and academic performance. I teach you mindfulness techniques and how to...

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Sports and Academic Performance with Richard Nongard & Roger Moore

Learn sports and academic performance skills from Richard Nongard and Roger Moore at the 2015 Seattle Hypnosis Conference. You can learn performance hypnosis to create maximum success in both your hypnosis practice and with the clients you work with. The 2015 Seattle Hypnosis Conference is a worldwide event, join us in Seattle or join us worldwide in our online learning center. The best part? The first 30 people to register, will not only learn how to build a cash generating practice by offering academic performance hypnosis and how to become the hypnotic coach to high paying professional athletes, but you will also get in for $47 per day. Here is the link to register. We have limited seating, this event will fill up so register now: 2015 Seattle Hypnosis Conference – October 9-10. Online Worldwide or attend live in Seattle Friday October 9: Build a Cash Generating Practice with Academic Performance Hypnosis Probably the largest untapped market for hypnotists are academic performance and test taking performance. Every city, large or small, has kids and teens who need to improve grades and adults who are moving into new opportunities but must pass the test first! Do you want to build a profitable practice with cash paying clients? To truly help clients and get referrals from professors, testing centers, employers and schools you will need to know the six-steps of...

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Pain Control for Sports Performance

A few years ago I figured out how to be preemptive with pain management for sports performance. I rode the Cascade Bicycle Club’s Flying Wheels Century ride in preparation for my first STP (Seattle to Portland) 204 mile ride on July 9, 2011. I have never been concerned about my ability to spin my legs for 100 miles or 204 miles, it was my butt on the saddle that had me concerned. But, thanks to self-hypnosis, I relaxed, I felt good and I rode with the wind. Hypnotherapy can also help you to prevent pain in sports and in...

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