A Christian Understanding of Hypnosis is one of the articles in the Hypnosis Health Info Library of Articles. There are so many misunderstandings of hypnotherapy amongst Christians and society at large. From my perspective, self-hypnosis is one of the gifts that God has given us to use to our advantage.

The late Rev. Dr Casey Chua wrote Christian Understanding of Hypnosis which was originally posted on Chaplain Paul Durbin‘s website. the article was posted here at Hypnosis Health Info with the permission of Chaplain Durbin. The following is a segment of the article written by Rev. Chua:

The brain is the channel which God communicates with Christians. By using hypnosis to overcome the ruinous effects of negative thinking, anger, discontent and selfishness, we can keep our minds pure for God.

Frequently, unhappiness and discontentment are caused by our reaction and thoughts to situations. It is estimated that 75% of cancers and body pains are caused by unresolved emotions. In the bible, God calls us to experience a renewing of our minds. As we change the way we view things via hypno-suggestions, the same positive changes are manifested in our lives. We are able to let go of the bad habits we once clung to. We attract the abundance we desire. We dissolve our hurts and sorrow.

It is my prayer that Christian workers open their eyes and see the truth of the benefits of hypnotherapy: for did not the Bible itself make mention of the fact that ‘my people will perish for lack of knowledge. Read A Christian Understanding of Hypnosis.

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