I was so excited to see A Fireman’s Guide To Healthy Living on the NBC Today Show. Fireman Rip Esselstyn, author of The Engine 2 Diet which is a vegetarian cook book, says we must move from dietary extravagance to dietary excellence. Weight loss hypnosis can help you achieve dietary excellence. Slender For Life™ offers you the hypnosis weight loss tools for dietary excellence.

Here is a group of macho men eating a vegetarian diet. They are fire fighters and athletes who are not eating meat and dairy. Not only are they losing weight and getting into better physical shape, they are lowering cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure as well. As Rip Esselstyn puts it, it is about going from a “diet of dietary extravagance to a diet of dietary excellence“. I love that and it sums up what Slender For Life™ has been advocating since 1990.

Don’t think that you can give up the dietary extravagance of dairy, beef, pork, fish and poultry? That is where hypnosis weight loss comes in. Weight loss hypnosis is hypnosis mind control – it is you taking control of your mind. It is you making positive changes in your life by learning how to hypnotize yourself with self-hypnosis.

My book Becoming Slender For Life, and its Becoming Slender for Life hypnosis CD set very much is in align with the Engine 2 Diet and offer you the hypnosis weight loss tools for dietary excellence.

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