A Huge Helping of Hope

Right now I think that we all need a huge helping of hope so that is my editorial in the January/February 2021 issue of Desert Health News.

In 2021, “I choose to focus on self-care and to live in hope. Let me be clear: hope is not optimism or the belief that everything will turn out well, and hope doesn’t mean denying our realities. Hope means facing them with a different attitude – one that promotes well-being rather than destroying it.”

If you are ready to take action and welcome hope into your life, read A Huge Helping of Hope.

Action Steps for Total Well-being

“The action I recommend is radical self-care, a collection of intentional actions for your total well-being. Just as planting a seed in your garden is an act of hope, self-care is a deliberate activity you can do every day to foster overall health and wellness.

The possibilities for self-care are limitless. Beyond the conventional advice to eat well, sleep well and exercise, here are some other ideas to stimulate your thinking.”

I offer possibilities for radical self-care: 

  • For physical well-being
  • For mental well-being and peace of mind 
  • For emotional well-being
  • For spiritual well-being

Read A Huge Helping of Hope

Roger Moore

Medical Hypnotherapist, Palm Desert Hypnosis

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I see that there is light despite all of the darkness.

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