Brian Green

Brian Green

Today I am featuring another article, A Hypnotherapist’s Casebook by Brian Green. One of the goals of Hypnosis Health Info is to provide information and education about hypnotherapy and how you can put hypnosis to work for you. Make self-hypnosis part of your life.

In a Hypnotherapists Casebook, Brian Green has three casebooks, each one looking at different aspects of hypnosis. In Casebook 1, Hypnotherapy For Healing, Brian points out that hypnotherapy can be used for both putting in the good stuff and taking out the bad stuff.

In Casebook No 2, Releasing Past Grief, Brian Green writes “One of the most useful aspects of hypnosis is that in trance, a person’s emotional defenses are softened or lowered. This allows for the release of previously submerged and trapped emotions. A heightened awareness of thoughts and feelings also trance-pires. This combination allows the possibility of resolution of difficulties following the rapid location of their deeper source.”

Working With Young People, is Brian Green’s Casebook, No.3. He writes, “Hypnotherapy with young persons, from the ages of approximately 13 to 21 years old, can often produce extraordinarily powerful results. One reason is that their minds are so open and flexible, so that the process of change is easily assimilated into their own current growth and development.”

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Read A Hypnotherapist’s Casebook by Brain Green.

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