A year without hugs

For many of us it’s been a long a year without hugs. I am more fortunate than some people, I get and give hugs each day to my wife. But I have so missed hugging my kids, grandkids and friends.

I used to hug my 93-yea-old neighbor almost daily. The other day when we were talking she said it had she hadn’t been hugged since the last time I hugged her in March 2020. How sad.

As humans wee are designed to touch and be touched – which is why so many who live on their own have suffered during the pandemic. A common thread that I heard from numerous people is how lonely they have become since the pandemic began. When we’ve explored the loneliness that they are experiencing its become clear that what these lonely people aren’t getting is touch.

For people who have pets, stroking your dog, you are engaging systems that would be activated if the dog were stroking you. You can also receive benefits from “vicarious touch” by seeing people touching on TV.

Over this past year I have helped people to manage and reduce feeling of loneliness with hypnosis. Your unconscious mind has an amazing ability to remember wellness – to remember all the aspects of touching and being touched. If you are missing touch and experiencing loneliness,  call or email me now. Together, no matter where you may live, we can develop a hypnosis program for you.

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Since 1997, I have supported people in several states and several countries via the Hypnosis Health Info Virtual Office. So no matter where you may live, call or email me now.

Lost touch: how a year without hugs affects our mental health

A hunger for touch is a signal that a primitive need is not being met. But evolution is on our side. Every scientist I spoke to was hopeful that, once we can come together again, we will adjust quickly. “It will differ between people, probably based on the duration people have been alone, and there may be a period of clumsiness and renegotiation. But we have evolved to adapt.”

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