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You’ve found the best online source for information about hypnosis. We feature a wide variety of solutions to many health issues from an array of expert hypnotherapists. Here you can experience hypnosis and even learn how to hypnotize yourself. Whatever your issue, hypnosis can help.

This website is designed to be a place for people to come for answers that will help them move on in their lives. It’s also a resource for healthcare professionals and clients seeking complimentary solutions to traditional medical practices.

Here you’ll find information about these topics and more:

Health: Fresh solutions to many common challenges
Weight Loss: Our revolutionary approach really works
Pain control: Manage chronic pain plus dental visits
Sports performance: Improve your game beyond what you thought possible
Performance anxiety: Put it behind you in no time
Academic improvement: Increase focus, test scores and overall learning
Relationships: Enhance all your personal interactions
Stop smoking: Much easier than you imagine

Hypnosis Health Info is a place to learn, discuss ideas, ask questions and to share successes and even failures.

The information provided comes from many sources, primarily from Roger Moore,  a Washington State Certified Counselor and Registered Hypnotherapist. This site also features articles and contributions by other hypnotherapists from around the country.

Roger is now located in Palm Desert, CA and offers online sessions worldwide. Visit Palm Desert Hypnosis.

About Roger Moore

Since high school I have been curious about what holds people back, and I have been interested in helping them move forward. The list of things I have done is long: In high school I volunteered on the Wind River Indian Reservation and at a drug crisis hot line. I had a great job in high school working in Penrose Library in Colorado Springs. I spent many hours in the basement reading old texts and magazines.

As I finished my BA in Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Minnesota, I began working with children who were developmentally disabled and teenagers who had been labeled “pre-delinquent.” Much of my time was spent developing residential and day programs for people with developmental disabilities. Before going into private practice, I was Vice President of Lutheran Social Services of Southern California while I completed my Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. While at LSS I developed the counseling program for all of Southern California and ran all the homeless, emergency and senior services for Orange and San Diego Counties.

In addition to 9 years of actual course work including studies in hypnosis, nutrition, pain management, autoimmune diseases, psychology, counseling, Neuro Linguistic Programming, I have trained in drug and alcohol counseling, studied Transactional Analysis, Adlerian Theory, Reiki and attended countless trainings and seminars. I have lived my adult life in Minnesota, Hawaii, California, and since 1996, I have been in private practice in Seattle and Bainbridge Island, Washington.

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Roger walks his talk

Roger Moore hiking in HIgh Divide Washington

The common thread I see through all of this is change. In one area or another in our lives we seem to be dissatisfied and want change. But change can be scary and painful. People want to lose weight, yet they are unwilling to make the necessary lifestyle changes to sustain a healthy weight.

The same is true for many other life goals, but that’s where hypnosis can make the difference. My hope is that you will find here tools and resources that will make it possible for you to step out of the comfort of where you are and step into the exciting potential of who you are. Learn more about Roger here.

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