Hypnosis For Academics

When you relax, your mind becomes more absorbent and able to learn. Use hypnosis to maximize your ability to relax, study effectively, understand and retain the information you are learning, organize the information and communicate it back clearly.

  • Increase your GPA
  • Overcome exam anxiety
  • Be motivated to study
  • Become effective

Studies have shown that hypnosis can enhance your academic performance.

Academic Hypnosis Tools


Hypnosis For Test AnxietyImproving Study Habits, Memory, and Concentration: Hypnosis enables the individual to tap the great resources of the subconscious mind.
School is Out for Summer, Or Is It?: An interesting and thought provoking article.

Other Tools

Roger Moore recommends the ChiQ. For decades, researchers have known that specific types of audio and visual input have a powerful effect upon the mind. The ChiQ  is a state-of-the-art Vibro-Neuro Integration Technology (VIT™) system that allows you to train your mind to reach inner strengths and abilities. You are in for an exciting journey into the world of chakras and personal insights using binaural sounds and color. When utilized in a specific manner, this sensory input can assist in placing the mind in a relaxed, calm and focused peak performance state.

ChiQ for wellness, relaxation and learning performance

These CDs and downloads are from therapists known throughout the world for their excellent quality of work.
Better Grades Now Self Hypnosis!!
Journey to Wild Divine
Better Test Taking Self Hypnosis!!
Amazing Brain Training
Enjoy School Work
Improve Concentration and Focus
Studying Motivation
Raise Academic Performance
Overcoming Exam Nerves

“I love using the ChiQ as a way to get a quick boost of energy, a quick nap and to help me focus. I use it when I am solving a problem. I use the ChiQ after a long flight–in just a few minutes I am energized and ready to go.”
~ Roger Moore