This weeks featured article in the Hypnosis Health Info Article Library is Addiction vs. Habit by James Duncan, C.Ht. Are you a smoker who wants to quit? Have you quit smoking many times previously only to light-up once again? Hypnosis can help you become a nonsmoker. My Seattle stop smoking program, Break Free can help stop unhealthy habits and act with purposeful awareness.

Addiction vs. Habit

I never use the term addict with any of my clients. Why? Because it is a word that has over time in our society come to represent something that allows and even justifies at times, our personal victimization of whatever the addiction is. It separates the person from the problem and makes it OKAY. Free of responsibility and personal connectivity. In western society, addiction has come to represent something of which we are victims. Pity, compassion, understanding are heaped upon the VICTIM in many cases.

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Do you want to take the power out of your addictions? You can learn how to hypnotize and change the unhealthy and unwanted habits in your life. If you are ready to quit smoking call or email me and find out how you can put self-hypnosis to work in your life. With hypnosis you can act with purposeful awareness and take the power out of your habits – whatever they may be.

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I act with purposeful awareness.

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