Advanced Strategies in Clinical Contextual Hypnosis Master ClassAdvanced Strategies in Clinical Contextual Hypnosis Master Class with Richard Nongard and Roger Moore is in Seattle, October 24 & 25, 2014. Take your practice to the next level by attending one of three ways: Live in Seattle, Live Simulcast Worldwide, or Watch the full video archive online.

Approved CEU hours for the ICBCH, IMDHA, IACT, NBCC, NAADAC for each day. Social Workers, Professional Counselors, Registered Nurses will all be able to each CEU hours.

ICBCH Advance Professional Hypnosis Certification is available to anyone who attends this course. Upon completion of this course, and for an additional $279 you will be provided with an additional 24 hours of online courses, Upon completion of both the Seattle Hypnosis Conference (in person or online) and completion of the additional 24 hours of study material, you will become certified by the ICBCH as a Certified Professional Hypnotist (Advanced Level)

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Creating Client Resiliency and Powerful Transformation

October 24: Advanced Assessment and
Therapeutic Techniques

Imagine matching your technique to the specific needs of each client- and having the tools to do that. How would it change your practice to know you weren’t just reading a script but training a client is skills that promoted resiliency so relapse was less likely and goals were achieved.

This workshop will teach you the 2RME assessment you need to know to choose the best approaches to teach clients the skills to maximize their own resilient resources and draws heavily from current research in the areas of Positive Psychology, ACT Therapy, Solutions Focused Brief Therapy and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy.

You will learn specific advanced protocols for mindfulness based practices to help your clients become unstuck from their patterns and create new patterns of thought, emotions and behavior.

Those who join us in Seattle will also get to see the office of Roger Moore and learn how a real pro sets up an office.

October 25: Case Study Master Class and
Advanced Suggestion Techniques

The whole premise of Contextual Hypnosis is that we can study excellence, learn excellence and then teach a strategy to others to repeat that success. On day two of the 2014 Seattle Hypnosis Conference, we will share four in depth case studies, and analyze each session from start to finish. You will learn from two pros, the specific methods that helped real clients – and you will know how to replicate that success with your own clients. The four case studies will focus on these areas:

  • Tobacco Cessation
  • Weight Loss
  • Pain Control
  • Anxiety and Fear

The results of these case studies and the approaches used in each can be applied to a wide variety of clients, with various presenting problems.

You will learn 7 specific methods of creative suggestion in hypnotherapy all based on the ideas of Contextual Hypnotherapy.

LOCATION: The Medical Dental Building 3rd floor Conference Center, 509 Olive Way, Seattle Washington, 98101, or you may attend online real-time in our simulcast learning center from any location worldwide.

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Read Advanced Strategies in
Clinical Contextual Hypnosis Master Class

The Advanced Strategies in Clinical Contextual Hypnosis Master Class with Richard Nongard and Roger Moore is for licensed mental health therapists, medical professionals and hypnotherapists who are eager to take their practice to the next level. Prior hypnosis training is not required for licensed mental health therapists and medical professionals.


If you missed it, you can still attend the
Basic Contextual Hypnotherapy with
Richard Nongard & Roger Moore
Certificate of Achievement
course online


These courses are sponsored by the ICBCH
and Roger Moore’s Institute of Hypnotherapy

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