Does your dentist you hypnotherapy? Ellen S. Wilkowe wrote in the Daily Record about Dr. David Grayson, DDS and how he uses hypnosis with his dental patients. What I love about this article is that Dr. Grayson says “There’s this image of hypnosis engendered by the media that it’s about mind control or stage hypnosis. But hypnosis is not like that at all. It’s about guiding the patient into a relaxed state, and it’s all inner directed.”

His patient, an adult women was anxious that she had two small cavities. She expressed her apprehension and Dr. Grayson began talking to her with a soothing voice. she felt her tense muscles relax and throughput the entire procedure he continued to talk with her soothingly and then they were done. “I was still fully aware of my surroundings and did experience some minor pain and discomfort, but this approach definitely made me more relaxed and comfortable,” said his patient.

I know from my own experience that with hypnotherapy this can be done without any pain and discomfort – and without fear! One of the great things about learning self-hypnosis is that you can use it with most any medical procedure reducing or eliminating sedatives and pain killers while speeding up recovery.

On December 11 & 25 my radio show, Hypnosis Health Radio will have Scott Sandland as my guest. Scott is is clinical hypnotherapist on staff in dental offices in Newport Beach, California. Scott and I will be discussing the various uses of hypnosis for pain control. If you miss the show, you will be able to listen to it streaming from my web site

In my last Basic Hypnosis class (Roger Moore’s Institute of Hypnotherapy) I had one dentist from the Medical Dental Building and another one is now registered for the next Basic Hypnosis class in January. I am excited that more and more dentists, physicians and hospitals are including hypnotherapy in their practice.

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