Mom at age 82 walking Silver Strand State Beach

My mom is a proud, adventurous woman who has been very active all her life. She loved to roller skate, loved to travel and was always up for a new quest. I remember when she was in her mid 60’s she went tubing with me in the Kinnikinick River. When she was 72 years old I took her boogy boarding on Maui.

At age 82, the only thing that surprised me that day at Silver Strand about her walk on the beach was that she did not get her feet wet. I am sure that had there been a bench for her to sit, those shoes would have been off and she would have waded into the water.

At 86, the arthritis in her knees, back and neck make it so that she can hardly walk – yet in her mind she is still a kid and ready for another adventure. She looks longingly towards the sky as an airplane passes over head.

She now uses a walker in their home but hates to use it in public even though she has a history of falling. Sunday, she and my dad went to church. But being proud, she left her walker in the church bus. She fell at church, which resulted in a broken nose, bruised arms and hands, a call to 911 and two to three weeks in the hospital in rehab. She was scheduled for a knee replacement, but that is now postponed until she regains her strength in her arms and hands.

I just found out that September 18 was Fall Prevention Day and Fall Free Washington has some great tips on how to avoid falls and they offer this simple test:

Sit in a chair 10 feet from a wall, get up, walk to the wall and return in 14 seconds or less.

But whether a person can perform this exercise can say a lot about their risk of falling and becoming injured, something that for the elderly can mean loss of independence and even lead to death.

Simple steps that can be taken to avoid falls include regular exercise, eye exams and reviewing medications for side effects, such as dizziness. Residential conditions also play an important role. Better indoor lighting, even adding nightlights and tossing those throw rugs also can help. And, Mom, I love you, so USE YOUR WALKER! – It is better than calling 911.

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Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I manage my environment for health and safety. 

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