Soda linked to an early death

“The results of this study are significant,” said Sarah Reinhardt, lead food systems and health analyst for the Union of Concerned Scientists. “It reinforces a fact that won’t surprise anyone in the nutrition field: Processed foods loaded with artificial ingredients will never be the magic bullet to better health, no matter how low they are in sugar. Our bodies are smarter than that.”

Again, this isn’t news. I’ve talked about the health risks of soda since 1997 and written about the dangers of soda since the early days of these posts in 2008. From my perspective, diet soda is worse than regular soda. Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not advocating that you drink regular soda – just that diet soda is worse. All soda is bad for your health and please understand that diet soda will not help you to lose weight.

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It doesn’t matter if it’s sugary or diet: New study links all soda to an early death

September 4, 2019: “Hold up, diet soda drinkers. Regular consumption of soft drinks — both sugar-sweetened and artificially sweetened — was associated with a greater risk of all causes of death, according to new research published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Read: It doesn’t matter if it’s sugary or diet: New study links all soda to an early death


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