Where do you always quit?

Where do you always quit? Do you know the thoughts and emotions that you feel when you hit that place where you always quit?

It was Friday morning, December 1, 2017, and I’m warming up my spin bike at 5:15 AM. It had been a long week, and I had a big day ahead of me. I was already having chatter about would I make it to the end of class at 6:30 and thoughts of “why am I here?

At about 5:40 I looked at the bike computer and saw that my watts were low and that my calorie burn was under my usual average at this point. I started having thoughts of justifying to myself why I could quit early. Or, I could make it OK to just cruise through this class and call it a “rest day.”

It was about that same moment that I recognized these thoughts and the emotional feelings that I was experiencing. My next thought was, “Oh, yeah, this is where I always quit.

My best self

I spun for a few more seconds and realized I had choice. I could quit or show up and be my best self.

As I peddled, I closed my eyes and prayed, “God, let me be as good as Luna (our dog) thinks I am today.” I focused on the joyful experiences in my life and felt a wave of energy and strength flow through me.

I Mentally Rehearsed the rest of spin class and the day before me. I finished spin class at 6:30 5 watts below my usual average and 10 calories below my average. WOW! I acknowledged myself for the change that I made and for how well I had done even with a slow start.

I had the energy I needed for the day and witnessed some powerful shifts that clients made. Multiple times throughout the day I focused on Joy and meditated for a few moments on being as good as Luna thinks that I am.

Let me be as good as Luna thinks that I am” may seem strange to you as an expression of my best self. In recent weeks, this has become my Greatest Expression of Myself.

You see, Luna thinks that I walk on water. In her eyes, I can do no wrong. No matter what I do, I receive unconditional love from her.

My hope for each day is to come close to being the person that she thinks that I am. If I can get into the ballpark of being the loving, kind, patient person that she thinks I am – I’m having a great day.

Awareness is your goal

When you recognize the thoughts and emotions that hold you back, they can be powerful allies for you to show up and be different. These thoughts and emotions don’t have to be the enemy. They can be the alarm clock that wakes you up out of old ways of being that held you back.

When you observe those thoughts you begin to separate yourself from the program. You become conscious of those old thoughts and emotions to such an extent that they would never go unnoticed by you again.

When you begin to objectify the subjective mind, when you begin to observe the program, you are no longer the program.

Awareness is your goal. You remind yourself who you no longer want to be, how you no longer want to think, how you no longer want to behave, and how you no longer want to feel.

And then, with firm intention, you make a choice to no longer be that old self. You now have the power of choice to show up and be your best self.

I invite you to be aware and notice your old thoughts and behaviors that have held you back. And then, choose to show up and be your best self today.

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I choose to be my best self today.

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