Americans are living longer even though obesity is rising thanks to prescription drugs and medical care. Unfortunately, fewer people can afford the healthcare required. The rising costs of healthcare are estimated at $190 billion per year and this preventable epidemic is bankrupting us as a nation. Slender For Life™ offers real solutions for ending the obesity epidemic. We must reform healthcare now. We can’t wait any longer. Healthcare reform begins with each of us taking personal responsibility for our own health care. Hypnosis for weight loss can help you make healthcare reform.

Americans Living Longer
but Obesity Rising

WebMD Health News, May 16, 2012: The CDC today released its annual state of the union’s health, and there’s good news and bad. We’re living longer. But we’re also gaining more weight. Teen pregnancies are at a record low. But fewer people can afford necessary prescription drugs and medical care.

This year’s report features a special section on how our socioeconomic status and health are related. Here are some highlights:

Childhood obesity rates go down as parent education goes up: Nearly a quarter of children whose parents have less than a high school education were obese, which is two to three times more than kids whose parents (or heads of household) had finished college.

We are living longer. Since 1980, men’s life expectancy rose from 70 to 76, while women’s increased from 77 to 81. Since 1994, obesity has gone up among all age groups. Nearly 20% of school-age children are now obese, while one-fifth of adults over 20 now have a BMI greater than 30 (which is considered obese).

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OK, I’m really curious to know your thoughts. What do you think about our National epidemic of obesity? Do you care? Should weight loss be a National priority? Do you believe that you as an individual should take responsibility for your own healthcare? Do you think that healthcare reform is essential? Are you willing to take action? If so, what are you willing to do? Please, leave me your thoughts and comments below.

A reader from my gym asked this week what he could do to help end obesity. He’s a slender, healthy, active and physically fit man who has friends and family members that are overweight and obese. I told him that he could begin by voting with his wallet – that he should stop going to fast food joints, stop buying processed food and drink no more sodas. I suggested that he talk to school board members and to the school administration. I also urged him to call and write to his congregational representatives and to President Obama. Finally, I suggested that he talk with his children about healthy plant-based food and show them healthy ways to make meals and snacks. He also mentioned to me that he would begin serving only healthy meals to guests in his home – no more fat and sugar laden meals.

If you are ready to make changes in your life, hypnosis for weight loss with Slender For Life™ can make the difference in your life.

If you’d like to learn more about America’s obesity epidemic and just see how serious this National crisis is, watch the HBO special
The Weight of the Nation

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