Yesterday ABC News reported that American’s weight loss efforts are stalling as obesity rates continue to rise. In a story by James Hill, American efforts to lose weight have dropped by 14 percentage points in the last four years, according to research by the America On the Move Foundation (AOMF).

The problem identified in this story is that with awareness of the hazards of obesity at an all-time high, fewer people are trying to lose weight because they have found that they cannot sustain the big lifestyle changes that are needed for weight loss. So, maybe people who have given up on weight loss can succeed in preventing excessive weight gain.

For the most part, physicians gave up on weight loss several years ago and just started dispensing medications that would counter the consequences of obesity. Americans diet; they go through deprivation and then when life gets in the way, they give up, they put the weight back on and often even more than they lost. That was my pattern for most of my life.

This story suggests that instead of focusing on solving the problem of obesity, we should focus on prevention of excessive weight gain by keeping it simple.

Simple lifestyle changes are a proven approach to preventing excessive weight gain. AMOF says that simple small lifestyle changes will lead to more small lifestyle changes slowing the rate of obesity. AMOF has some very positive suggestions that are worth incorporating into anyone’s life.

My own experience, and what I see in my client’s, is that permanent lifestyle change is possible through self-hypnosis. You can either be caught up in the trance of the high-paced, stressful American lifestyle of excessive portions of convenience foods or you can take back your power and determine the suggestions that support you in your goals. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. It is not about being out of control (that is the typical overweight American). Hypnosis is about you being in control of you.