Red and Processed Meat Products: No Safe AmountAccording to the U.S. News &World Report, America’s deadly beef obsession raises your risk for cancer, heart disease and more. It is well documented that a plant based diet reduces the risks for cancer and heart disease. “We’ve seen people whose chest pain has gone away within weeks, while their weight melts off, blood pressure goes down, and cholesterol plummets.” (Neal Barnard, M.D., Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine). Are you one those that thinks you have to have your beef, chicken, fish, pork, eggs and dairy products? Is it really worth the diseases that are associated with these foods? Learn self hypnosis and discover how easy and delectable a plant based lifestyle can be.

Meat Is Murder:
America’s Deadly Beef Obsession

Red meat raises your risk for cancer, heart disease and more, but Americans just can’t quit it.

U.S. News Health, bu Amir Khan, July 30, 2014: For most Americans, a meal isn’t a meal unless there’s a piece of meat on the plate. But the desire to have chicken or beef every time we sit down to eat is making us sick – not only by increasing our waistlines, but raising our risk for cancer and heart disease as well.

Red meat has recently been linked to poor health outcomes as well, Weddig says. A 2012 study in the​ Archives of Internal Medicine looked at more than 121,000 doctors​ and nurses and found that those who ate one 3-ounce serving of red meat per day were ​13 percent more likely to die of cardiovascular disease or cancer – and that number jumped to 20 percent for those ate processed meat more than once per day.​ “The studies are clear in their link,” Weddig says. “People who eat ​large amounts of red meat have an increased risk of mortality.”

Read Meat Is Murder: America’s Deadly Beef Obsession

Plant based foods can be mouthwatering, affordable, fun and easy to prepare. Using the Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss techniques you can easily and your desire for the foods that make you fat and sick and create healthy desires for plant based foods that make you slender and healthy. Learn self hypnosis to improve your health.

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