Anesthesia Hypnosis

In the past few years requests for anesthesia hypnosis have become for common. People are asking me for hypnosis for anesthesia. I have been pleased that more medical centers are open to having me assist their patients before, during and after medical procedures.

My hope is that one day all medical centers will have a hypnotherapist on staff and that medical hypnosis will be come a standard in offering excellence health care.

To find out how medical hypnosis can help you, please call or email me now. Together, no matter where you may live, we can develop a hypnosis program for you.

Anesthesia Hypnosis

Would You Use Hypnosis Instead of Anesthesia?

By The Doctors Staff on 8:00 AM PST, February 12, 2018: “MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston is exploring hypnosis as an alternative for some surgeries that involves patients being guided into a deep state of relaxation.

The Doctors also welcome a woman, who opted for hypnosis over anesthesia for her breast surgery. She says during a previous surgery with anesthesia, she has nausea, chills and felt sick. While hypnotized, she says she felt as though she was in a relaxed state but was aware of what as going on in the room. Rosalina was with her during the surgery and guided her the entire time. She tells us when she felt any discomfort or pain she was able to communicate that to her surgeons. She says she would use this again for surgery.”

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