Spontaneity – another great reason to exercise! If you have spent much time in my office or read even just a few of my blog posts you know that I am passionate about getting people to move their body and exercise. One motivating reason for me to exercise is spontaneity. Hypnosis can help you be motivated to exercise. Self-hypnosis can get you to the gym or on the walk even when you don’t feel like it. Learn hypnosis and move!

Last Wednesday in spin class we got to talking about the first annual Kiwanis Summer Challenge (a bike ride) here on Bainbridge Island. The Kiwanis altered the Chili Hilly Route and reversed it so that it’s a couple miles longer and different than how most of us ride the island. The even was scheduled for Saturday, August 28. I was interested but was far from committed. I knew that I had to finish staining my decks and that I needed to get ready to leave on vacation so I just wasn’t sure about the time commitment.

By Friday morning I was thinking more seriously about doing it, but not yet committed. Friday night I set the alarm for 5:00 AM with the idea that if I decided to do it, I needed to do it first thing so that I could get everything else done. My first thought when the alarm went off on Saturday was no way! But, I got up and puttered around for about 15 minutes and did self-hypnosis. I then decided that I was in. I cooked my oatmeal and got ready.

The 35 mile bike ride is very hilly and challenging. I stopped once for about 5 minutes in Battle Point Park at the designated rest stop and had the bike mechanic adjust my gears. I completed the 35 miles in just under 2.5 hours. Then it was home to shower and spend the next 6 hours finishing up the work on my decks. Of course one of the first things I did Sunday morning was to go for a 18 mile joy ride on my bike – just for the sheer joy of it!

What I love is that I didn’t have to train or prepare or do anything to participate in this even. I just decided to do it and go. To me, that is what exercise is all about. I have more choices and options available to me.

It would have been really easy to sleep in on a Saturday morning and skip the bike ride. There was a part of me that was excited and that other part that said “stay in bed“. Using hypnosis, it became easy to put to rest that sabotaging chatter and get out and play.

It can be really easy for you to learn hypnosis and use it to motivate you to exercise and to achieve your goals in life. So, challenge yourself to move. Use hypnosis and get out of bed and off the couch. I am looking forward to next years Summer Challenge.

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I challenge myself to move.

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