Yesterday, Valentines Day, I wrote Stress reduction: What’s love got to do with it? so today I’m writing about Anxiety About Relationships May Increase Vulnerability to Illness. If you are experiencing stress and anxiety in your relationships or you are dealing with attachment anxiety the hypnosis stress management techniques that I teach to Seattle hypnosis clients just may be of help to you. Stress weakens your immune system increasing your vulnerability to disease and illness. Using self hypnosis and other mindful stress reduction tools you give your immune system a boost for health and wellness.

Anxiety About Relationships May Lower Immunity, Increase Vulnerability to Illness

Ohio State University, February 11, 2013: Concerns and anxieties about one’s close relationships appear to function as a chronic stressor that can compromise immunity, according to new research.

The research focused on attachment anxiety. Those who are on the high end of the attachment anxiety spectrum are excessively concerned about being rejected, have a tendency to constantly seek reassurance that they are loved, and are more likely to interpret ambiguous events in a relationship as negative.

Married partners who were more anxiously attached produced higher levels of cortisol, a steroid hormone that is released in response to stress, and had fewer T cells – important components of the immune system’s defense against infection – than did participants who were less anxiously attached.

Everyone has these types of concerns now and again in their relationships, but a high level of attachment anxiety refers to people who have these worries fairly constantly in most of their relationships.

The combined findings make sense and are likely related because cortisol can have immunosuppressive effects – meaning it can inhibit production of these very same T cells. Previous research has suggested that reduced T-cell levels can impair the immune response to vaccines and that low levels of the cells are a hallmark of an aging immune system.

Attachment anxiety is considered a phenomenon related to childhood development.

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Of course, relationships are stressful. Two human beings navigating through life will have their moments of relationship stress. Couples can learn self hypnosis and achieve mindful stress reduction to enhance their relationship. With hypnosis stress management you can be centered and mindful in your life and relationship.

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