Appetite control is asymmetrical: our bodies are better designed to respond to hunger than to satiety. When we are inactive, controlling appetite is not instinctive; it is something that we have to impose on ourselves. The less we exert ourselves, the more difficult this becomes. The more you move, the less hungrier you are.

In 2008, we have power steering, power windows, automatic transmissions, garage door openers, cordless and cell phones, remote controls for the TV, DVD and stereo system. We have microwave ovens, food processors and electric can openers. We sit with a computer in front of us at work and entertain ourselves at home with video games and chat rooms. We are no longer moving.

With hypnosis you can change your thoughts, desires and behaviors and get your body moving. Use your self-hypnosis Light Switch technique to create the habit of exercise.

Estimates show that a cordless phone deprives us of the equivalent of a ten-kilometer walk each year. Using the television remote rather than getting up to change channels can add up to as much as an extra pound of body fat each year.

Use hypnotherapy and get up and move to curb your appetite.

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I eat only enough to safely and healthfully meet my nutritional needs.