It’s Monday morning and you are probably wondering what kind of a question is “Are You Ready To Lose Weight?” It is a valid and important question that anyone wanting to diet and lose weight should consider. Weight loss hypnosis can be a valuable tool in preparing to lose weight and supporting you in the process. At the Seattle weight loss Slender For Life™ I know that hypnosis for weight loss really works. How do I know? Because I lost over 100 pounds with hypnosis, I have kept it off for 14 years and since 1997 I have coached hundreds of clients in their weight loss journey.

People often come in to my Slender For Life™ Seattle weight loss office anxious to sign up to lose weight. But, what they don’t realize is that to lose weight is a psychic surgery that requires preparation.

Here is an example: An executive woman who is working 50 hours a week is married and has 2 kids. After work she has to pick up the kids, get them to piano and soccer, get home to put dinner on the table, do homework, get ears scrubbed, kids tucked in and say “hi” to her partner, check her emails and eventually get to bed.

Now, she wants to lose weight. But, she has not considered where in her life she is going to fit this in. Weight loss can’t be an afterthought – it has to be a priority. When is she going to make time in her life to come to my office for an hour or spend an hour on the phone (if she is living in another part of the world). When is she going to find time to listen to a 30 minute weight loss hypnosis CD? When is she going to find the time to plan healthy meals, go to the store, prepare healthy meals and snacks and go to the gym?

And that is only the physical preparedness. What about the mental, emotional and yes, spiritual issues involved with weight release? With 65% of the US population overweight, being at a healthy ideal weight is abnormal! When most people (who are sick and over weight) are eating as much as they want of high fat, high calorie and large portion meals its hard to be different. We all want to belong and fit in.

Weight loss takes time and it takes mental and emotional energy. It has to be a priority. At Seattle weight loss Slender For Life™ I support you on your weight release journey and offer you the weight loss hypnosis tools so that you can be successful in your goal. Hypnosis weight loss really works.

You really can be successful withe weight loss. My book Becoming Slender For Life and it’s Becoming Slender for Life hypnosis CD set can make the difference for you.

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I am ready! I am ready to be different!  I am Becoming Slender For Life!

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