Are you really hungryHave you ever really stopped to check and see if you are really hungry? When you are mindful of hunger, you don’t feel that you have to jump up immediately and eat something. It stops being a signal that something is “wrong” and needs immediate attention. It’s a bit more like the fuel gauge on a car pointing to 1/4 full — it’s a sign that you’re going to have to find fuel soon, but not necessarily right now. When you’re mindful of hunger in this way, you can comfortably be with the hunger for an hour or so. Slender For Life™ teaches hypnosis mindfulness weight loss techniques that allow you to lose weight and keep it off.

Are you really hungry?

In Chapter Three I described scenarios using food as a drug— to numb out, to not feel. The alternative is conscious eating. Conscious eating is mindfulness. Conscious eating is checking in with your body and determining if you are truly physically hungry. If you are not hungry, then allow yourself to sit with the discomfort and with the notion that something is missing.

From Becoming Slender For Life,
second edition, page 108

When you are mindful of hunger, the sensations change. It’s less localized in the stomach and becomes a more general sensation throughout the abdomen.
What do you notice now?

  • Reflect for a moment on how you consume food.
  • What is your relationship with what you eat?
  • What are spiritual and physical possibilities available when you eat well, or with awareness and intention?
  • What is your relationship with those things that you regularly consume?
  • What are the possibilities that mindful ingestion brings to you physically? Mentally? Emotionally? Spiritually?
  • Allow this hunger to facilitate learning to better relate with and grow in intimacy with your body, your food, with the world, with other people, with God.

Learn mindfulness hypnosis weight loss so that you can lose weight and keep it off.

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I stop eating when my body tells me enough, no more.

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