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This week, I received the following email from Audrey in Minnesota.


I read your posts on the Light Switch Self-hypnosis. I’m struggling writing hypnosis suggestions and I’m hoping you can direct me to a web site that would give me some ideas.

Thank you.


Hi Audrey. Thank you for your question and thank you for reading my posts.

If you look at the menu bar at Hypnosis Health Info you will see “Hypnosis Demystified.” When you hover the cursor over that, you will see a dropdown menu and hover over “Self-hypnosis.” A slider menu will appear and there are two links that I suggest you look at. The first one is “Written Suggestions” and the second link is “Hypnosis Suggestions.”

“Written Suggestions” will tell you how to write your own hypnotic suggestions. “Hypnosis Suggestions” will take you to a page that has more than 3,200 hypnosis suggestions. Feel free to use them word for word, but my hope is that you will use them as ideas to create your own suggestions. You can pick and choose and make them your own.


Thousands of hypnosis suggestions

I’m not sure that there is a larger selection of hypnosis suggestions, but this collection here at Hypnosis Health Info will continue to grow.

Remember to use your self-hypnosis several times a day, every day for the rest of your life. Hypnosis helps you to be in control of your thoughts and your life.

If I can be of support to you, please call me at 206-903-1232 or send me an email. We can meet in my Seattle hypnosis office, Bainbridge hypnosis office or online from most anywhere in the world via the Hypnosis Health Info Virtual Office. So no matter where you may live.

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I am in control of my thoughts and my life.


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