What can hypnosis do for fibromyalgia?

I’m frequently asked, “what can hypnosis do for fibromyalgia?”

Recently on the ferry a woman stopped and asked me if I was Roger Moore the hypnotherapist. I smiled and said “yes, what’s your name?” She introduced herself Evelyn and told me that a friend of hers had seen me several years ago for Fibromyalgia and is doing great.

The woman went on to say that her friend claims to longer have Fibromyalgia – which is also known as FMS. Evelyn said that she has suffered with FMS for 25 years and it’s gotten worse. Do you have a medical diagnosis of FMS?” I asked. Evelyn said, “yes – it took 20 years but I finally found out what was wrong with me.”

I assured Evelyn that she was not alone in search to find out what was wrong and that many people have gone years without a diagnosis of FMS. “I know it’s a garbage can diagnosis,” she said, “but at least I know I’m not crazy.”

FMS is often referred to as a “garbage can diagnosis” because there is no definitive test that proves that it is fibromyalgia. The diagnosis is arrived from the symptoms and from ruling everything else out.

“So what can hypnosis do for fibromyalgia?” Evelyn asked. “I don’t understand how waving a watch in front of can help. And, you won’t make me cluck like a chicken, will you?”

We both laughed and I assured her that she’d cluck like a chicken only if she wanted to. That would be her choice and I couldn’t make her do it.

Hypnosis for fibromyalgia

I shared with Evelyn that my Hypnosis for fibromyalgia program is all about symptom alleviation – it is not about a cure for FMD. It is non-invasive and is designed to be used in conjunction with your physician’s treatment regime. It’s a multi-session program which focuses on easing pain, boosting energy levels, restoring sleep without drugs, releasing anxiety and tension, improving concentration and alleviating other troublesome symptoms.

On a National basis, this therapy provided greater than a 50% reduction in symptoms for 94% of the people who tried it and these symptoms remained improved even after the sessions ended.

I gave Evelyn my business card and we wished each other a great day.

By the time I reached my Seattle Hypnosis office in the Medical Dental Building, I had a voice mail from Evelyn asking me to call and get her scheduled.

Evelyn’s first session is scheduled for next week.

Over the past 20 years I have helped many people with FMS in my Seattle Hypnosis, Bainbridge Hypnosis and online across the U.S. and throughout the world. If you are suffering with fibromyalgia, give me a call at 206-903-1232 or send me an email and find out how hypnosis for FMS can benefit you.

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