Hypnosis help for marathon training

I received this email from Rick in Palm Springs, CA, who asked about hypnosis help for marathon training.

“Roger I’m training for the NY Marathon in November. I’ve run several half marathons but never a full one. I do fine for about 18 miles but by mile 21 I’m done. I have nothing left. My body hurts and my head is filled with negative self-talk. I really want to complete the full marathon with my partner but right now it’s feeling impossible.

Can hypnosis help for marathon training?

I live in Palm Springs and I work close to your office. I’m hoping that you can help me.


Hypnosis help for marathon training

Hypnosis can help you with training

“Hi Rick,

Absolutely I think that hypnosis can help you with training for the NY Marathon. I’ve completed 5 marathons and the most fun one was New York. It was hypnosis that got me across the finish line and through the many, many miles of training.

The zone and the runner’s high are perfect hypnotic trances. The question is, are you telling yourself that you CAN or are you telling yourself that you CAN’T?

I will teach you self-hypnosis and other mindfulness skills that you can use before, during and after a run. You can learn to give yourself empowering hypnotic suggestions as run with your eyes wide open.

Thirteen years ago, I traded in my running shoes for a bike. But I continue to teach hypnosis to several runners and other athletes each year and I’d be happy to support you in your goal of crossing the NY Marathon finish line.

Give me a call and let’s chat more about your goal and let’s get you scheduled.

My best wishes,


Hypnosis can help you too

If you are a weekend warrior or an elite athlete or just want to have the stamina to walk your dog around the block, hypnosis can help you too. Give me a call at (760) 219-8079 or send me an email to Roger@HypnosisHealthInfo.com.

Hypnosis help for marathon training

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Every single run is a blessing.

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