Help for panic attacks

“Roger, can hypnosis help for panic attacks? For most of our married life my husband and I have been world travelers and we have a big beautiful motor home that I have always loved.

Since the shooting in Las Vegas I have been having panic attacks at the thought of leaving my home. We had been in Las Vegas for a few days prior to the shooting but we left Vegas earlier in the day of the shooting. I can hardly go to church or the grocery store.

As much as I love to travel, the thought overwhelms me. We cancelled our January trip to Maui and my husband really wants us to go on our planned motor home trip to Southern California later in February. The last time he brought it up he almost had to call the paramedics for me. He’s being very patient but this is not fair to him or to me. I still really do want to travel.

I live in Silverdale and my husband said he’d drive me to your Bainbridge Island office. Can hypnosis help me and is this something that you do?


Hypnosis for panic attacks

Yes Julie, hypnosis for panic attacks is something I have more than 21 years of experience. Over those years, many people have successfully overcome panic attacks as well as fears, phobias and anxiety.

Please give me a call at 206-903-1232 so that I can know more about you and also get you scheduled. I fully believe that you will be able to enjoy your motor home trip later this month.

While I don’t believe that you will need it, I am happy to offer you online hypnosis sessions while you are away. I’ve had numerous remote hypnosis sessions across the U.S. with people traveling in RVs.

To help you get started right away, I invite you to go to and download Orange Blossom, my free 27-minute hypnosis MP3 download and listen daily for at least 2 weeks. Anytime you have an anxious or worrisome thought, simply say or think “Orange Blossom” and feel a wave of relaxation flow over you.

I look forward to meeting you.

My best wishes,


Panic attacks, phobias or anxiety

Do you experience panic attacks, phobias or anxiety? Hypnosis along with the other mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques that I teach can give back your freedom.  If you are like me, you want to be able to do what you want to do when you want to do it.

I teach you self-hypnosis along with other powerful tools so that you can be in control of your thoughts, emotions and actions.

We can meet in my Bainbridge Island or Seattle hypnosis offices or worldwide online from your home, office, hotel room or RV.

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I am in full control of my thoughts and emotions.

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