Hypnosis for breast cancer

I’m frequently asked about hypnosis for breast cancer. This week’s Ask Roger question comes from Allyson in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

“Mr. Moore,

I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and am in the early stages of treatment. My oncologist has recommended that I eat a low-fat diet.

My own research has convinced me that a low-fat vegan diet is the healthiest way for me to go. Throughout my research I kept finding links to your website and I found your information on how to convert to a vegan lifestyle very helpful. Thank you.

I also became curious about hypnosis. Can hypnosis help me with a low-fat diet for breast cancer? I see that you do online sessions – do they work, or would it be better for me to fly to Seattle?


Ft. Lauderdale, FL”

Hypnosis can be helpful

“Hi Allison,

I am sorry to learn of your cancer diagnosis. Over the years, I’ve helped many women who have breast cancer with hypnosis. Having witnessed their journeys I have some understanding of what you might be going through.

Yes, hypnosis can be helpful for you with both adapting to a low-fat plant-based lifestyle and with your cancer recovery.

I will teach you self-hypnosis and other mindfulness-based skills that will help you to have what I call, “A large among of no desired for the foods that make you sick and fat.” And, “A healthy desire for the whole plant-based foods that make you healthy and slender.”

I grew up on high fat meat and dairy products and was sick and fat. Hypnosis made it easy for me to change to plant-based foods and to lose 120 pounds and keep it off. Almost 25-years later, I’ve never been healthier!”

Hypnosis for cancer recovery

Hypnosis for cancer recovery is used in support of your medical care and is not a replacement of medical care.

Hypnosis is used to help manage treatment, lifestyle adherence to cancer treatment, minimizing side effects, managing pain, stress reduction and overall emotional well-being.

You are welcome to come to my Seattle or Bainbridge Island offices, but I really don’t believe that to be necessary. I have clients in several states across the U.S. and in several countries around the world that I meet with online.

In my blog post that accompanies this video I will include links for information on both dietary changes for cancer recovery and for the use of hypnosis for cancer care.

Allyson let’s begin by talking on the phone for a few minutes so that I can learn more about you and answer additional questions that you may have.

I look forward to talking with you.

My best wishes,


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